Opinion: The American Concept of "Left, Right, Center" Is Inaccurate

Walter Rhein

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Another election has come and gone, and here I am guessing that we’re all going to be stuck dealing with more of the same. The voting public handed our politicians just enough power so that they can block each other from doing anything. Maybe that’s for the best, or maybe it’s not, who knows?

In my opinion, inflation has been leveraged by the rich to punish the public for voting against their wishes. However, even rich people feel the pinch of inflation eventually. Maybe we’ll see it retreat now that the election is over.

The frustrating thing is how some people will go down a ballot and choose candidates from either party. Why would they do that? What’s the point? All it does is stop anyone from achieving anything.

At the end of the 2020 election cycle, there was optimism because the Democrats controlled the House, Presidency, and Senate. But then the moderate candidates within the Democratic party made it difficult for Biden to achieve everything he hoped to do.

This should tell something to the American people. The thing that they need to realize is that even when Democrats win elections, we still live under Republican rule. The Democrats are always handcuffed.

About the last time a party had dominant control over the Senate and the House was in 2017. Republicans had 54 seats in the Senate. This enabled them to pass the massive tax cut plan that largely benefited the rich.

For some reason, a large number of Americans don't seem to recognize that when you reduce national revenue by cutting taxes on the rich, it leads to inflation.

This was made worse by the fact that the pandemic hit, and the Biden administration has been playing mop-up duty ever since. Even though Biden has had some legislative victories, he’s had to make major compromises to get legislation passed.

The result of that is that the American public needs to recognize who gets the last word. When Democrats have weak minorities in the House and Senate, the Republicans retain enough power to block their ambitious programs.

That means America has effectively been operating on Republican policy. If you’re not satisfied with the direction of the country, it doesn’t make sense to cast your vote for more of the same. It doesn’t make sense to cast split-party votes because that creates gridlock.

As the dust settles on the 2022 Midterm elections, it appears as if the American people are again going to be stuck with a government that lacks the power to act. This means that we’re going to have more of the same.

When the election happens in 2024, both parties will play the blame game because that’s what they always do. However, the truth is that the United States has drifted away from left-wing policies over the last few decades. If you examine Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower’s political platform of 1956, it bears more resemblance to the positions of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than to any modern Republican.

Americans can agree that our country is divided. Americans can agree that our government doesn’t work for us. All that’s left is for Americans to understand which way our country has trended over the last few decades and provide a push in the other direction.

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