Opinion: Don't Accuse Your Fellow Citizens of “Hating America”

Walter Rhein

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Few people deny that America is divided. That’s at least something to build on. Unfortunately, too many Americans deny that there was an attempt to overthrow the government after the previous presidential election.

Americans are in denial about a lot of things. Too often we say that we should tolerate each other’s baseless beliefs. People say you shouldn’t let politics ruin relationships.

But look around our political landscape. Where is the respect for differing opinions? If you point out a social problem in the United States, people accuse you of hating America.

There are many politicians that I don’t agree with, but I don’t think they hate America. I think accusing somebody of hating America is a cheap shot that shows desperation and dishonesty.

It’s a shame that so many Americans are willing to support a candidate that baselessly accuses a political opponent of hating the country. What does that even mean? It’s just a vague term that is designed to incite and divide.

In my articles, I receive insults and threats in the comments. It is almost comical. Entitled people read something they don’t like and they are instantly triggered. I think you need to stop and ask yourself why are you getting angry. Why are you spreading so much hate and division in our society?

The simple fact is that we need healthy discourse in the United States. Too many people seem to believe that one side or the other has all the answers. They seem to believe that if you dare to question their answers, you “hate” America.

That’s not an example of hate, that’s an example of due diligence.

I suggest that we look at mathematics. I suggest that we consult with experts. I suggest that we listen to solutions that might not sound good at first.

Another thing that’s become exhausting is that everybody always wants to simplify things. I understand that it’s comforting to walk through life with false bravado and pretend that everyone else is stupid. The truth is that everybody works hard, everybody loves their country, and everybody is trying to make ends meet.

Any time you assume massive groups of people “hate” their country without evidence, you’re creating division. It’s you. Look in the mirror. If you’re accusing people of hating the country, or if you support candidates that accuse their opponents of hating the country, then you’re the one supporting division.

If the candidates that you support have to resort to cheap-shot tactics like that, what does it say about their competence? Why are they attacking their opponent? Why don’t they spend their time talking about how their plan is going to serve our country?

Can’t you see the problem with fear politics? We need candidates that recognize problems and are willing to work diligently to solve them.

There’s too much division in the United States. Part of that division would disappear if we recognized that everyone in our country loves the country. We want our country to succeed. The moment a politician accuses his opponent of “hating” America, he loses my vote. I vote for politicians that offer solutions, not insults.

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