Opinion: Religious Homophobia Is Dividing the Country

Walter Rhein

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The United States of America is too divided and it’s making our country weak. One of the main problems facing our society is the open hostility the Christian community shows to the LGBTQ community.

There have been many complaints about men dressed as women reading to kids at schools. I’d much rather have a drag queen reading to my kids than a priest. The reason is that I feel the priest is much more likely to assault my children than the drag queen is.

The homophobic laws pushed by the Christian community are not helping our society. No law says “Don’t say, god.”

Homophobia is so intense in the United States that I’ve heard stories of men who prohibit their boys from learning how to play piano. One guy told me his father slapped him if he licked his ice cream off a spoon because “That’s not something men do.”

It’s not that hard to see how homophobia is hurting our society. Homophobia is just another form of hate. Our Christian community should be working to eliminate hatred rather than spread it.

I would feel safer if my child was with a drag queen than with a priest. One of the reasons is that the LGBTQ community is a persecuted community. They are constantly attacked even though they have done no wrong.

In contrast, the Christian community is considered righteous even though they are guilty of some terrible crimes.

When it comes to making up their mind about the well-being of their children, responsible parents must look at the actual evidence. Unfortunately, for decades, there have been unsubstantiated attacks against the LGBTQ community to cover up the abuses of predators that come from other groups.

This is a common tactic. Our society tends to latch onto ideas that aren’t based on scientific evidence. Another example is how there are always cries to blame violent video games every time there is a tragic shooting. This happens even though violent video games exist in countries that don’t have mass shootings.

Blaming video games or blaming the LGBTQ community happens to deflect attention away from the people who are truly responsible for the division and the violence. All you have to do is look in the comment section of my articles to see the hate that is routinely directed at the LGBTQ community.

The Christian community uses words like “sin” and “perversion.” Why can’t they just say that god made everybody the way they are and that god is always right? Why can’t they say it’s not our place to judge? Why can’t they say that we need to show tolerance and love to all the members of our community?

It doesn’t do our children any good to have fathers hitting their sons because they’re licking ice cream off a spoon. In my opinion, that’s child abuse. Adults shouldn’t lurk around kids looking for something to criticize.

All children should be allowed to feel comfortable in school. All adults should be allowed to have a consensual relationship with the person they love. Cultivating hatred against people for their sexual orientation should have no place in our society.

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