Opinion: Voters Should Not Allow Themselves to Be Duped By Deceitful Political Ads

Walter Rhein

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Even those of you who don’t like me can probably agree that it will be a relief when the election is over. I know I’m tired of getting phone calls. I’m tired of watching deceitful political ads. I’m tired of millionaires asking me for money.

If they’re such great businessmen, why do they need three dollars from me to run their political campaign? I had to work for my money, so I’m not going to give it away.

The advertisements that make me the angriest are the ones that try to claim one of the candidates is “easy on crime.” In my state, there are a bunch of ads showing people breaking windows and setting cars on fire in the street.

Come on, that's not going to happen depending on who you vote for.

I think these political ads are divisive and deceitful. If you look at the statistics that are gathered over decades, you’ll see that crime rates don’t appreciably change depending on which party is in charge of the government. If you do see instances where certain crimes jump, it’s usually because the law agencies changed their tracking process.

It seems to me that political advertisements fall into two categories. Some advertisements insist one of the candidates is not “law and order” and that he will be too lenient on crime.

Then some advertisements allege the other candidate was personally involved in criminal behavior. For example, many candidates are running throughout the country that allegedly participated in the January 6th insurrection at the Capitol.

I don’t understand how political candidates that are accused of participating in lawless behavior can run attack ads accusing their opponents of being "soft" on crime. The worst part is that the general public seems willing to go along with these messages.

The voting public needs to be smarter. The polls seem to reflect that too many people can’t be bothered to research what politicians stand for.

The thing that should be foremost on everyone’s mind is that one political party has done very little to disguise its intention to make massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Why is it that the American public is willing to stand for this?

Even Ronald Reagan defended Social Security. What’s going on in modern politics? Why are people voting for modern candidates that show so much disrespect to Ronald Reagan?

Are all Americans ignorant? Do they not know that the money that funds your Social Security and your Medicare comes right out of your paycheck? That money is taken from workers when they get paid with the intention that it will be distributed back to workers in retirement. Why would you vote for a political party that wants to cut that retirement payment to you?

Cutting Social Security and Medicare is like pulling money right out of your wallet. The voting public needs to be smarter about this.

It’s no secret that spending in the United States government is out of control, but there are a lot of programs that should be cut before Social Security and Medicare. Let’s start with the pensions for politicians. If they are so anti “socialism” then they shouldn’t be receiving any form of government check. Why doesn’t anyone say that?

I think it’s hypocritical that politicians who have access to the best healthcare in the world work to deny quality healthcare reform to the American people.

Voters need to do their research. Some ads act as if some politicians are personally selecting violent criminals to release back onto the streets. That’s ridiculous.

What’s far more concerning is the number of politicians who are running who are themselves alleged to have committed criminal acts. Voters need to be smart enough not to fall for the deception.

It has often been my experience in life that the individuals who are guilty of the greatest crimes are the ones who make the loudest accusations against others. It’s not that hard to see which political advertisements are the loudest. Responsible citizens need to be smart, do their research, and vote for candidates that haven’t been accused of crimes themselves.

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