Opinion: Insurrectionist Candidates Threaten The American Way of Life

Walter Rhein

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The 2020 midterms are approaching and it’s stunning to look out at the political landscape and see the low-quality candidates that are running for office. I thought this was a country that respected the Constitution. I thought this was a country that respected law and order. Why then are we allowing candidates to run who supported the January 6th insurrection?

Many candidates still fester mistrust in the 2020 election without any evidence to back up their claims. This behavior is irresponsible and dangerous.

The January 6th insurrection caused damage that US taxpayers had to pay for. The Capitol was not insured. I’d much rather pay for a hard-working kid to go to college. Instead, we’re paying for the destruction caused by out-of-work men who threw a temper tantrum on a Wednesday.

It’s almost two years later and the United States is still divided. The January 6th insurrection wasn’t a peaceful protest in a rural area. It was an attack on the government. People shouted chants to murder duly elected officials.

If there’s one thing our politicians should be united about it’s that our society cannot endure if angry mobs gather to threaten fairly elected candidates. The mob was threatening politicians that were elected In the previous election cycle.

If only for their self-preservation, you’d think politicians running for office would have the decency to denounce the January 6th insurrection. Instead, politicians are running who allegedly participated in the lawlessness of that day.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done in your life, the minute you lift a finger in violence against the US government you are a traitor. The last thing we should be doing is casting votes for such low-quality individuals.

The United States of America was founded on following the will of the people. It’s written in the constitution in very big letters.

The United States was not founded on the idea that a bunch of lawless, unemployed bullies could show up at the Capitol on a Wednesday and destroy property. We need to be very clear. The insurrectionists wanted to throw away the votes of the majority of the citizens of the United States of America.

If you’re looking for election fraud in the 2020 election, look no further than the insurrectionists. They’re the ones who tried to undermine our whole country. That’s not patriotism, that’s treason.

We need to elect candidates that respect our laws. We need to elect candidates that respect our elections, and not just when they win. We need candidates that have the maturity and the honor to admit when they are lost and not tell lies to appease their bruised honor.

We need role models in political office. We don’t need immature bullies who throw temper tantrums. Anyone who was walking the grounds of the Capitol on January 6th who did not rush to the aid of besieged police officers is not somebody who deserves to hold office.

Consider that when you cast your vote in the midterms. If the insurrectionists win seats of power, we might not have the privilege of ever casting a vote again. They think they know better than the American people. They want to silence our voices.

It's an intelligence test for America. Don't vote for candidates that try to burn the country down when they lose fairly.

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