Opinion: White Christians Should Be Judged Together As a Group

Walter Rhein

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To have a productive, non-divided society, I believe we must evaluate every entity that influences our community. There can be no groups that are “above criticism” because nefarious entities will use the cover of those groups for malicious purposes.

There has recently been an increased push to bring more religion into politics. Since white Christianity is the dominant religion in the United States of America, that’s the primary place where the push is coming from.

Ideas like prayer in school, opposition to same-sex marriage, and restrictions on reproductive health care get much of their support from the Christian community.

If the church did not want to be the target of criticism, it should urge its members to stay out of politics. However, the church is the group that decided to enter the arena. There can be no complaints when people offer alternative opinions and viewpoints.

Yet, every day, my articles are met with threats and hostility. To me, this proves again that the white Christian church in the United States of America is not what it claims to be.

Among the insults, I often get responses where people say, “Not all Christians are like that. Some of us are good.”

My response to that is to say, “So, you don’t think it’s appropriate to judge everyone as a group?”

They say, “No.”

To that, I reply, “So, what you’re saying is that not everybody is a sinner."

They don’t know how to respond to that because that’s the fundamental philosophy of Christianity. I find it hypocritical that Christians will stomp around lumping everyone in a group and insisting that everyone is a sinner. However, the moment you accuse them of wrongdoing, they lecture you on how it’s wrong to lump people together.

This represents the fundamental flaw of most religious thinking. It’s blatantly contradictory. They have a set of rules for themselves and a set of rules for everyone else. If you don’t obey their rules, they respond with insults, hysteria, and threats of violence.

Are you starting to see why the United States of America is divided? It’s largely because of the influence of religion.

I’m so tired of having somebody stomp up, get in my face, and scream “Jesus died for you!” You’re assuming that I’m a sinner. Maybe I’m not. You don’t know. Besides, I don’t believe in your religion so don’t hit me with a value judgment before you even know me.

But that’s what all Christians do. They even accuse newly born babies of “original sin.” Have you ever stopped and considered how awful that idea is? Those babies haven’t done anything. They don’t even have the strength to lift their heads. Calling them “sinners” is offensive.

Where are the “good Christians” arguing that the philosophy of original sin should be discarded? Where are they?

I get people who claim to be “good Christians” lecturing me on my articles about how I shouldn’t view all Christians as the same. Well, where are the religious protests to protect same-sex marriage? Where are the religious protests to keep public funds from going to religious private schools? Where are the protests to preserve reproductive health care rights?

If I respond to the person who berates me for being a sinner by saying, “I’m one of the good ones,” it’s a waste of time. They’ll just insist that I’m in the wrong. So, I’m going to mirror the Christian philosophy with my actions. I’m going to hold you all accountable. See how you like it.

The church in the United States has been a political force throughout my lifetime and I’m very concerned about the direction this country is headed. We had an insurrection not too long ago. Our very way of life is at risk.

If there are “good Christians” out there, you shouldn’t be wasting your time arguing with me. You should be out working to ensure good people are elected to political office. We’ve had enough liars. We’ve had enough people who get into politics only to enrich themselves.

We need to elect more people who have worked for a living, not those that have inherited billions of dollars. We need people who have been teachers and bartenders and librarians. We need educated people. We need to support the opinions of educated people.

So, don’t be offended if I lump all Christians together in one group. That’s the influence Christianity has had on my psyche. You are the ones who say “everyone is a sinner,” so there’s no point in complaining when I speak your own words back to you.

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