Opinion: White Christian Hatred Against the LGBTQ Community Is Wrong

Walter Rhein

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I don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape over same-sex marriage. If you don’t want a same-sex marriage, don’t get into one.

Why is it so important for some people to tell others what to do with their lives? Why do they want a government mandate on who people can choose to spend the rest of their lives with?

As long as you are involved in a mutually agreed upon relationship with a consenting adult, I don’t see any problem.

People make a lot of absurd arguments to defend their obsession with same-sex marriage. They discuss the difference between a marriage and a civil union. They cite the bible. I don’t understand why they bother.

There are many things in life that I choose not to do. For example, I prefer to watch football instead of baseball.

I enjoy football, it makes me happy to watch the games. I don’t enjoy baseball. I find the games boring.

However, I don’t go around telling everyone on the street that watching baseball is “morally wrong.” That’s ridiculous.

I’m perfectly content to let people who enjoy baseball continue to watch baseball. I’m content that there are people who enjoy watching both football and baseball.

None of this seems like a “perversion” to me. The only thing that is a perversion is forcing somebody to do something they don’t want to do.

I consider the idea of banning same-sex marriage to be a perversion. It is an act that flies in the face of personal liberty. It’s an act that flies in the face of the concept of romantic love.

We have a set of rules in our country that make sense. We allow people to pursue their happiness. Why does it make so many people angry when others find joy in something they wouldn’t personally choose for themselves.

I think it’s more productive for people to fixate on their happiness. If other people are happy and they are not hurting anyone, then leave them alone.

There is too much malice in the United States of America. Where does all the anger, hatred and frustration come from?

People object to the idea of discussing same-sex marriage in schools. I don’t understand why. What’s the problem with acknowledging as a society that people are happiest when they are allowed to choose who they can be with?

People will say this is part of a “corrupting agenda” but that argument is without evidence. It seems to me that the only “corrupting agenda” is the one that prohibits people to choose who they want to be with.

Maybe people are angry because they feel they’ve made sacrifices and they insist others must make the same sacrifices. It seems like a lot of people in our society want to go backward or they want others to endure the same torments they had to endure.

I would prefer to see our nation move forward. The things that we’ve done in the past haven’t worked. Our nation is up to its eyeballs in debt. Many people are extremely unhappy. In my opinion, the people who are the most unhappy are those who insist on clinging to outdated ideas.

Perhaps these are people who have lived their whole life based on a promise that went unfulfilled. They were told that they could only find satisfaction in life if they suppressed their desires and listened to authority figures who “knew better.”

Now, they see examples of people who dared to follow their paths. These people know happiness and life satisfaction the traditionalists will never know. This makes the traditionalists angry.

In my experience, anger and resentment never solve anything. It’s a useless waste of effort to spend your energy forcing people to stop doing the things that make them happy. As long as people are involved with consenting adults, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing.

We need to stop normalizing the belief that it’s acceptable to publicly denounce same-sex marriage. Instead, we have to understand that these kinds of unions are natural and completely acceptable. We need to work towards a society of greater love and tolerance. A good first step would be learning how to embrace and celebrate those that find happiness in a same-sex marriage.

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