Opinion: The “Christian Agenda” Is Set to Attack the Institution of Lawful Marriage

Walter Rhein

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I have a right to not hear a single word about anyone’s religion. I’m really not interested in what anyone believes. I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want my children to have to hear it.

I feel that many Americans practice a religion that is hateful and harmful. Most recently we are seeing attacks from the “Christian agenda” against the institution of lawful, same-sex marriage. If consenting adults want to get married, that is their right.

Unfortunately, prominent politicians are speaking out against codifying same-sex marriage into law.

Why shouldn't law-abiding citizens be allowed to marry the person they love? Even worse, what if that right was taken away? Why should any Americans want to destroy anyone’s happiness?

Imagine if you were married to the person that you love and the government threatened to nullify the union. How would you feel?

A marriage is a legal contract that becomes one of the foundations of your life. It's part of the fabric of our whole society. You might be eligible for insurance because of the employment of your spouse. What happens when the government comes in and strips that right away?

It’s completely wrong to suggest that same-sex marriages infringe upon religious freedom. If your religion does not permit same-sex marriages then don’t enter into one. It’s as simple as that. This ridiculous attitude from the “Christian agenda” that they can force people to abide by their beliefs is offensive.

You don’t have any right to force your religious beliefs onto other people.

Entitled Americans seem to have a problem understanding that. You have a right to your own religion. You don’t have a right to make other people follow your religion. Other people might think your religion is wrong, harmful, and offensive. They are well within their rights to believe that.

I don’t understand why some people make it their life’s mission to attack completely innocent people.

There are many problems confronting our society today. Many people live in poverty. Many people are struggling. There’s no excuse for anyone to waste energy attacking same-sex marriage.

Would you pass by a hungry child living in the street because you were more intent on destroying a marriage between consenting adults? How can anyone justify this attitude?

You would think that the religious right would applaud the idea of same-sex marriage. They’ve recently worked to strip American women of the right to potentially life-saving reproductive health care. Since there is now a pregnancy mandate, can’t we at least protect the households that are most likely to adopt?

But no, the “Christian agenda” doesn’t think like that. They are on a crusade and they are so sure that they are right that they don’t care if their actions hurt anyone. They’re more concerned with the next world than this one.

But none of them have ever been to the next world. They don’t even know for sure if anything they do has a positive consequence. The trouble is, we can all see the negative consequences of what they're doing in this world. The rest of us have to deal with those consequences.

Attacking the institution of same-sex marriage is nothing more than an act of hatred. It’s a malicious effort designed to inflict maximum damage. There’s no possible way the human experience can benefit from this action.

The United States of America needs to embrace an attitude of tolerance and acceptance. It’s wrong to support anyone who wants to undermine the legality of any kind of established marriage. Voting for a person like that is equivalent to spitting in the face of your neighbors.

It’s time to say no to hatred. It’s time to say no to the entitlement of the “Christian agenda.” For too long, our society has allowed hatred and prejudice to hide behind the cloak of religion. If religious people want to insist that their beliefs are helpful to our society, they should post “I’m for Jesus and same-sex marriage” on their social media.

If they do that, they’ll likely get a response from the religious right that includes insults and threatening language. This behavior is unacceptable.

Same-sex marriage is not a problem in our society. Anyone who allows their religious hatred to make them fixated on same-sex marriage is abandoning disadvantaged children who truly need their help. It really is a deplorable attitude, and our society needs to unite in labeling it as such.

Don’t attack same-sex marriage. It’s the law. If you don’t like the law you can move.

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