Opinion: I’m Mistrustful of Insurrection Apologists Who Become Politicians

Walter Rhein

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I don’t feel businessmen have a good record as politicians. The purpose of being a businessman is to defeat your competition. The purpose of a politician should be to elevate the nation. These are contradictory objectives.

I feel that a businessman who goes into politics does so with the objective of enriching himself. He has his eye on the end of his term in office. We must be concerned that he will use the power of his office to benefit his own business interests, perhaps at the expense of the general public.

I’m tired of politicians who go into politics only to multiply their own net worth. There are too many government handouts to big corporations. For some reason, the media doesn’t often provide coverage for all the free taxpayer money that’s handed out to the super-rich.

We need people in office who understand constitutional law. There are rules by which a politician must abide. Just because somebody has inherited a ton of money from their family doesn’t mean they can work for the people in politics.

Another problem with businessmen is that they tend to get things done through force and intimidation rather than negotiation. They’re used to having more resources than anyone else. They bully employees because they know they can outlast and outspend their employees.

Many people say that they don’t trust the government. However, the other side of that statement is that there are also dangers in the private sector. We can’t have companies releasing defective or dangerous products. There must be accountability.

The Founding Fathers established the balance of powers for a reason. It’s because they knew it was unsafe to trust any one entity with power. Too much power must not be allowed to be consolidated in one place.

Few people will deny that one of the purposes of the government is to provide the population with protection. First and foremost, our nation must be protected from foreign threats. This is why we cultivate a healthy respect for the military.

But the general population must also be protected from domestic threats. Our nation only survives because the people survive and thrive. If the population becomes ill and weak because of restricted access to food, ultimately it leads to the same result as a defeat from a foreign invasion.

We need people in office who understand the constitution and are dedicated to working for the best interests of the people. The phrase “career politician” has become a pejorative. However, choosing something as a career isn’t itself disqualifying.

The problem lies with the false actors who present themselves as statesmen even though they only look out for their interests. It’s pretty easy to see which politicians are in office to enrich themselves and which are committed to the benefit of the country.

Electing businessmen to political office consolidate too much power in one place. Too often, businessmen use the power of the government to further exploit the working class rather than help it.

The citizens of the United States are paying way too much money for health care. In addition, there are also frequent calls to cut Social Security and Medicare. These are programs that we pay into with deductions from our paychecks.

Regular people need to stop idolizing wealthy businessmen. Instead, we need to focus on politicians who can negotiate positive solutions, understand constitutional law, and are willing to work for the greater good.

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