Opinion: The “Woke” Christian Agenda Is Destroying the United States of America

Walter Rhein

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I recently ran into a priest at the local coffee house. I was there with my daughter. He took a moment to tell me that it was important for me to bring her to church.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well, you should bring her because everyone is a sinner and they need spiritual guidance,” he said.

“But you don’t even know my daughter,” I replied. “Why do you think she’s a sinner?”

He gave me a condescending look. I looked over at my daughter and I could tell that the priest’s words had hurt her feelings.

I think about this interaction whenever anyone discusses bringing prayer back to public schools. I think it’s odd that people say they want to ban teaching critical race theory at schools because it makes students feel bad about themselves, but they have no problem bringing in prayer.

Nobody says that teaching religion also makes students feel bad about themselves. Who likes it when somebody who doesn’t even know you, marches over and calls you a sinner?

The local priest then went on to ask if I’d make a donation to his church.

“A donation? What do you mean? Are you asking for money?”

“Yes,” he replied simply.

“Hey pal, I work hard for my money,” I said. “If you want money, you can go out and get a job.”

I think it’s odd that in a society that so often speaks disparagingly of socialism, we turn a blind eye to the church. Maintaining the church is clearly an example of socialism. If people want to spend their money supporting the church, that’s fine. However, it’s hypocritical to support the church and then turn around and criticize the concept of socialism.

One of the problems facing America is that so many people do the opposite of what they say they are going to do.

The church claims to stand for love and tolerance, but when do they ever live up to those ideals? In my experience, when I meet religious people, they most often want to judge others.

When I say things like that, I often hear Christians say, “Not all Christians are like that. It’s unfair to group us all together.”

However, those same people will turn around and insist that “Everybody is a sinner.”

Why is it okay for them to make generalizations about everyone else, but they object when you make generalizations about them?

“Woke” sermonizing based on an outdated moral authority has no place in modern public schools. There is clearly a Christian agenda designed to reform American society into some dysfunctional system that existed thousands of years ago.

I had one more question for the local priest. His answer chilled me to the bone. I’ve always raised my daughter with words of encouragement. I’ve told her that if she worked hard and she studied hard, she could accomplish anything.

“What leadership opportunities are there for my daughter in your church?” I asked the priest. “Could she follow in your footsteps? Perhaps she could even exceed you and become Pope one day?”

“No,” the priest said. “Women aren’t allowed to become priests in my church.”

I looked over at my daughter who was humiliated to hear this news. “Why not?” I asked.

“That’s not a woman’s place,” the priest said.

“Well,” my daughter said, “if there’s no place for me in your church, I guess I’ll go somewhere else.”

The priest had the nerve to act affronted. He stiffly walked away. I watched him go and shook my head. Why did he think he had the right to be offended? He was the one who told my daughter she was a sinner and that she was banned from a leadership position.

I think about this conversation often when people talk about putting prayer back in school. What does that mean? Are they going to start restricting my daughter from attending certain classes? Are they going to lecture my daughter about imagined transgressions?

Are they going to demand that we give them money because they refuse to go out and get a real job? Are they going to tell our children who they are allowed to love and prohibit them from marrying the person of their choice?

I don’t see how the “woke” Christian agenda fits in with the ideals of the United States of America. Our children deserve a right to public education without “woke” Christians delivering sermons designed to make them feel bad about themselves or deny their right to positions of leadership.

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