Opinion: Americans Should Be Able to Agree That Treason Is Wrong

Walter Rhein

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Let’s put all the political rhetoric aside for a moment. Forget about parties. Forget about your ideological beliefs. Let’s try to break our thinking down to its essence and find some common ground.

No matter what you believe, you should be able to agree that American citizens shouldn’t elect traitors to political office.

When we select candidates, at the very least, we should have the assurance that they are loyal to our country. Is that too much to ask?

Everyone knows that the United States is the richest country in the world. That makes our country an international target. It is a prize.

The moment a man or a woman is elected president, that person has a huge influence on trillions of dollars. It’s like a river of money. They can deflect that money to go wherever they want.

In my experience, money does not stay put. It always moves. The best we can do is try to direct it where it does Americans the most possible good.

Because so much money is at stake, it’s logical to assume that foreign entities are going to spend money to get their agents elected. That’s common sense. We have to ask ourselves how to best prevent this from happening.

The most obvious solution is to have investigations. Naturally, a traitor politician would obstruct an investigation. If there are accusations that a foreign entity has influenced one of our politicians, why shouldn’t we look into it?

However, America is structured in a way that makes foreign influence highly effective. Foreign entities can purchase media stations.

The Federal Communications Commission has slowly opened the door to indirect parent entity foreign ownership of broadcast station licenses. This gradual relaxation of longstanding U.S. federal policy has continued to the point where overseas communications and media companies may consider ownership of U.S. media facilities as a legitimate business opportunity—Regulators Open Airwaves to Increased Foreign Ownership

That seems dangerous, doesn’t it? Why should we allow foreign ownership of US broadcasting stations? How does that establish a strong and sovereign America?

People often talk about protecting our borders, but what about our ideological borders? Is it right to have foreign entities pump messages into the minds of our citizens? Remember, these messages might not be to the benefit of our country.

Every American citizen needs to take the blinders off and recognize what’s going on in our country. We need to step away from the big issues that dominate the portions of the media that are foreign-owned.

Many politicians don’t behave as if they are serving the American people. Unfortunately, once elected, many politicians stay in office for decades.

It’s shameful that so many Americans struggle in the richest country in the world. Money is always flowing, and the debt always seems to increase but rarely does any of that wealth trickle down to the hardest working people in our country.

Certain groups in the United States always protest when any legislation is signed that will help working-class people. They say things like, “Who is going to pay for that?” However, the money gets spent even if working-class people don’t see any benefit.

If the deficit increases even when there are no social programs to help vulnerable Americans, then where does the money go?

Americans need to wake up and recognize that many of our politicians seem to have no intention of working for us. Many politicians put their needs, or the needs of foreign entities above the needs of the American people.

Unfortunately, it’s very effective to tell lies. Politicians that campaign on a wave of lies often achieve significant political momentum. Lies are more powerful than the truth because you can tell people exactly what they want to hear.

It’s time that American citizens stopped listening to foreign-owned media and, instead, listened to their neighbors in their community. The United States has never been more divided. Our division makes us vulnerable, and it’s not our fault.

Many places in the world would love to see the United States of America fall. We have to join together as Americans and oppose any threat to our nation. This includes voting out dishonest politicians who aren’t working for the American people.

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