Opinion: The Members of the January 6th Committee Are True Patriots

Walter Rhein

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All Americans are supposed to be loyal to the Constitution. The Constitution is the set of rules which protects our freedoms. Unfortunately, loyalty to an individual or a political ideology sometimes supersedes loyalty to our nation. When that happens, it puts all of our freedoms at risk.

Thanks to the diligent work of the bipartisan January 6th committee, the American people are learning the truth about the events leading up to the insurrection. The hearings are not vague speculation. They contain real evidence and testimony given under oath.

The hearings do not reflect well on former president Trump.

Trump’s consternation is likely to have only intensified when Republican Liz Cheney summed up his central role in the conspiracy to overturn the election, then another Republican, Adam Kinzinger, questioned former justice department officials. “Today President Trump’s total disregard for the constitution and his oath will be fully exposed,” Kinzinger said—David Smith

The phrase “disregard for the Constitution” should be like a dagger in the heart of all Americans. Again, the Constitution is the most sacred document of our country. We can’t have a president who disregards the rules of his office.

Even before the 2020 election, Trump used the platform of the presidency to spread the claim of potential voter fraud. These claims undermined our national faith in the democratic process. Consider this excerpt from an article from August of 2020.

President Trump on Monday further cast doubt on the U.S. election process, claiming falsely that the only way he would lose in November is if the election is “rigged.”—Morgan Chalfant

Even before becoming president, Trump used his celebrity status to erode confidence in our elections.

On election night in 2012, when President Barack Obama was reelected, Trump said that the election was a "total sham" and a "travesty," while also making the claim that the United States is "not a democracy" after Obama secured his victory—Terrance Smith

In hindsight, it’s upsetting that the media never pushed back against these claims. After all, as the President of the United States, it was Trump’s job to ensure a fair election. If he genuinely thought the election was “rigged,” why didn’t he take any steps to ensure election security before November of 2020?

Consider this excerpt from an article published in February of 2020:

Senate Republicans blocked an effort by Democrats to unanimously pass three election security-related bills Tuesday, marking the latest attempt to clear legislation ahead of the November elections—Jordain Carney

Thankfully, the bipartisan January 6th committee is committed to telling the truth about the 2020 presidential election. There have been multiple suggestions that Trump’s actions were unlawful.

Holder, who served as Barack Obama's attorney general, said a note from Trump pressuring the Department of Justice to intervene in the 2020 election was proof of a crime—Tom Porter

Trump used the visibility of his taxpayer-funded presidential office to help craft a narrative about election fraud. This narrative became so powerful that many Americans deny the legitimacy of the January 6th committee.

However, the findings of the January 6th committee are affecting the national perception of the 2020 election, and Donald Trump. The indication seems to be that Trump’s influence is fading.

Donald Trump is the most popular political figure within the Republican Party, but there is now a specific challenger," [Frank] Luntz said. "And Trump can yell and scream and send out his emails, I'm on his list, and they're all emotional, and they all are meant to blow things up, but they're having less and less of an impact with every single month—Cheryl Teh

It’s important to remember that the January 6th committee is an investigation. The committee can back up its conclusions with sworn testimony, documents, and other forms of legitimate evidence.

Americans need to know the truth about election security. They also need to understand the constitutional obligations of our political leaders.

The January 6th committee is helping to mend a divided country through a responsible investigation of the events that led up to the insurrection. Even if not every American watches the hearings, the fact-based evidence will still have an influence on our national psyche going forward.

We are emerging from a contentious time in our history. The members of the January 6th committee have shown a heroic and patriotic commitment to discovering the truth. History shows that lies are easy to spread, but only truth endures.

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