Opinion: It's Misinformation to Suggest the Investigation Into the Insurrection Isn’t Bipartisan

Walter Rhein

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A lot of Americans are pushing the false claim that the investigation into the insurrection of January 6th, 2021 is not bipartisan. This is only one of many inaccurate narratives that are meant to undermine the committee.

It is important that Americans fairly evaluate the conclusions of the January 6th committee without having to resort to partisan talking points. Our whole population must work together to understand the truth about the insurrection.

It’s very easy to prove that the January 6th committee is bipartisan.

Bipartisanship is a political situation that occurs when two opposing parties work together to achieve common goals—KIMBERLY AMADEO

The committee is bipartisan because it has two Republicans. Those Republicans are Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney. The presence of members from both political parties is the only requirement that must be met to call the committee bipartisan.

If the January 6th committee only had one Republican, it would still be a bipartisan committee.

The United States is large enough that there is room for differing opinions on a variety of subjects. Some philosophical concepts are extremely complex and multiple viewpoints serve to increase our understanding of the human experience.

However, the definition of a word is not a complex subject. Individuals who spread the false claim that the January 6th committee is not bipartisan are further confusing an already difficult situation.

Americans must recognize that the January 6th committee is an investigation into an insurrection. The hearings have already revealed significant evidence that the violence of that day very nearly stopped the lawful transfer of power from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

The question hanging in the air over the January 6th committee is how complicit the Republican party was in the events of that day. These are the facts the committee was assigned to uncover.

It’s critical to recognize how the presence of Republican politicians on the committee legitimizes the committee. These are individuals who are putting their loyalty to the country and the Constitution over their loyalty to their political party.

What are we supposed to do with individuals who offer absurd arguments that the committee isn’t bipartisan? We shouldn’t waste our time debating something easy to observe. Bipartisan means it has members of both political parties. The January 6th committee fulfills that requirement.

That’s the end of the debate.

Our country is at a critical point in its history. All Americans need to put aside their differences and place a greater focus on what makes us the same.

We are all citizens of the same country. We can’t allow our philosophical differences to blind us to the point where we’re unable to agree on a basic fact.

The insurrection was an attack on our government. Oddly, some Americans are more offended by the word “bipartisan” than the attack itself. All Americans should be able to agree that our country cannot allow threats against our duly elected political officials. We can’t have the destruction of property. We can’t have violence.

The January 6th committee is an investigation led by both political parties to uncover the facts about the insurrection. Anyone who has watched the hearings knows that the testimony has largely come from individuals who were part of the Trump administration.

How is it possible that so many people in the Republican party stop listening to their representatives the moment those representatives say something they don’t agree with?

Whenever a tragedy befalls our country, it’s important to do the responsible thing and listen to the evidence. This applies to the tragedies at Uvalde and Buffalo as much as it does to the insurrection.

It is very difficult to change the behaviors of other human beings. Responsible people know that change always begins with yourself. Both Democrats and Republicans must come together and fairly evaluate the conclusions of the bipartisan January 6th committee.

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