Opinion: The January 6th Insurrection Disrespected Our Country, Our Constitution, and Our Military

Walter Rhein

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I remember watching the television on January 6th, 2021. A mob of rampaging Trump supporters attacked our Capitol.

I remember feeling as if every window they broke and every barricade they smashed was like an attack on my own home.

The Capitol doesn’t belong to Republicans. The Capitol doesn’t belong to Democrats. The Capitol belongs to every American.

The insurrectionists smashed our property and defiled the seat of our government.

The insurrectionists tried to erase the vote of the majority of Americans.

The insurrectionists disrespected the United States of America. Those that try to justify the insurrectionists continue to disrespect our country.

Stop disrespecting my country!

To this day, individuals who can't admit they lost are running around proudly displaying their Trump banners. I see those banners as treason flags.

To this day, dishonest individuals try to compare the assault on our country to protests against police brutality that took place the previous summer. This is a false equivalency.

Investigations have shown that it was often the same lawless individuals causing violence at peaceful protests throughout the summer that showed up to attack the Capitol.

President Donald Trump’s acting homeland security chief on Wednesday acknowledged that white supremacist extremists played a role in this year’s urban violence in the United States, a revision of the administration’s public descriptions of the political motivations of violent protesters—Mark Hosenball

The January 6th insurrection made America look like a weak country. It made America look like a divided country.

It’s bad enough that we have to tell some Americans not to attack our government.

Now, we also have to endure dishonest lectures from people trying to justify that attack?

Those comments make me sick.

Since that day, insurrectionist apologists have been trying to blame everyone else for what happened.

What happened to the days when men would stand up and take responsibility for a mistake?

What happened to the days when men would admit when they were wrong?

What happened to the days when men valued truth over lies?

What happened to a country that has respect for traditional values?

Destroying property and threatening our elected officials is an assault on every American. The insurrection was a massive temper tantrum that resulted in the tragic deaths of several individuals.

In modern America, we have a large population of people who have the free time to show up at the Capitol on a Wednesday and commit acts of violence. The rest of us have to work.

It was a pathetic display, and the people who participated should feel ashamed of themselves.

The American people disagree on many issues, but we must all agree that you never assault a police officer. We must all agree that you can’t attack government buildings. We must all agree that we must respect an election's results.

The last presidential election was in 2020 and a considerable percentage of our population is still trying to overturn the results. At some point, these people will have to grow up, admit they lost, and try to be productive members of our society again.

I’m tired of entitled, individuals running around committing acts of violence and acting like they’re the victims. The insurrectionists aren’t the “victims.” They were the aggressors!

We can’t allow members of our population to believe they have the right to engage in acts of such lawlessness and brutality. If you have a grievance, go through the courts. You also have a right to organize a peaceful protest. You never have the right to assault people or destroy property.

Patriotic Americans such as myself consider the January 6th insurrection an act of treason. I only hope that our legal system dares to hold everyone who participated in or organized the assault accountable.

In the United States, nobody is above the law. That’s the very thing that makes our country great.

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