Opinion: Americans Should Watch the January 6th Hearings

Walter Rhein

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I find it a little bit upsetting that some Americans insist that they already know what happened at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. The truth is that they don’t know what happened. They know what they’ve been told. That’s it.

It’s absurd for anyone to think they already know what transpired on January 6th. Unless you do an investigation, you’re operating on an assumption. The January 6th committee is a bipartisan investigation.

The people conducting this investigation have had considerable resources and time. They’ve looked at the evidence. All Americans should hear them out.

There are a few questions I’d like to ask people who refuse to watch the proceedings. If you’re so sure of your convictions, why are you too afraid to see them challenged? If the challenges are false, you should have an answer for them.

Why do you object to knowing the timeline of events? Why do you object to hearing testimony from the people who were there on that day? Why do you, instead, believe the statements of individuals that refused to testify under oath?

Testifying under oath only means that you promise to tell the truth. Can you trust the word of people who refuse to promise to tell the truth?

Any individual who only gets his or her opinions from a small group of approved sources is controlled by those sources. Those sources control the information that a person receives.

Why do people want to limit the information you see?

Everybody has had this happen to them at some point in their lives. Sometimes your boss doesn’t want you to have information. Sometimes your romantic partner doesn’t want you to have information. Sometimes your parents don’t want you to have information.

Is limiting the information at your disposal for your benefit or theirs?

In my experience, the only time people tell you not to listen to another source of information is because they’re trying to control you.

Last night, I sat with my family and watched the first of the January 6th hearings. I made my daughters watch it as well. They are 9 and 11.

At first, I was afraid that they’d find it boring. However, the never before seen videos and the emotional testimony was highly compelling.

I think that the January 6th hearings should be required for viewing at every school in the country. It’s our patriotic duty to use our God-given freedom to make our assessment of a wide variety of opinions.

Some opinions are given under oath and backed up with facts.

Some opinions are nothing more than hysterical propaganda.

The first January 6th hearing included the testimony of a brave policewoman who was assaulted by Trump supporters and knocked unconscious.

It’s wrong to assault a police officer.

It’s wrong to assault a woman.

We can’t live in the kind of country that refuses to acknowledge that these things happened. We have an obligation to our families, to our children, and to our sacred history to watch the video of these horrific events.

The problem with believing people who refuse to testify under oath is that the bill will eventually come due for their statements. Individuals who act on information that turns out not to be accurate often find themselves in a world of hurt.

The fact is that the January 6th insurrection destroyed a lot of lives. People died. People are sitting in jail. Some people are telling you not to look at the evidence.

If you haven’t watched the first hearing yet, I urge you to go and watch it. What is it that some people don’t want you to see? Are they keeping you ignorant for your benefit or theirs?

Do you think the people who control the information you receive are going to be there for you when the consequences come? Maybe they’re setting you up to take the fall?

What harm is there in listening to an alternative perspective? You’re an American citizen. You’re smart. Don’t you trust yourself to make up your mind about the information provided by the January 6th committee? Do you need somebody else to tell you what to think?

Use your freedom. Make up your mind. Evaluate the evidence yourself. Go straight to the source.

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