Opinion: There Is a Lot of Dishonest Reporting on the High Cost of Gas

Walter Rhein

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I saw a news report about the high price of gas. The reporter interviewed random people. The people repeated media narratives about pricing.

The people talked about how expensive the gas was.

They talked about how gas used to be more affordable.

The last person blamed the conflict in Ukraine.

Not one person mentioned that oil companies are showing surging profits.

The news is supposed to show both sides of an issue. Why aren’t reporters interviewing executives in the oil industry? Why are they interviewing people in the street?

Rich people increased their wealth during the pandemic.

It's dishonest to use a world crisis for personal gain.

While the rest of us are making sacrifices for the good of our community, rich people think only of themselves.

Corporate profits are not a secret. All you have to do is check the daily stock prices. Many people invest in oil stocks as part of their retirement portfolio.

People know that the cost of gas at the pump is going to profit.

If there was a gas crisis, oil companies would be losing money.

In free-market capitalism, competition determines prices. If one business charges too much, customers go to the businesses that charge less.

But when was the last time you filled up your gas tank at an independent provider?

Free market capitalism does not work when the government allows price-fixing. That is why there are anti-trust laws. However, these laws aren’t often discussed.

The majority of Americans don’t seem to care why gas prices are rising. It’s not reporting to say that prices are rising. Good reporters should find out why the prices are rising.

Interview gas station managers. Ask to see the invoices. Make executives prove that their suppliers are charging more.

The public has a right to know what is happening.

Rising gas prices are an opportunity to educate the public on how our economy works. Energy needs to be regulated. If we can't ship products, Americans will suffer.

Human life is more important than corporate profit.

If suppliers are not charging more for gas, then rising prices are artificial.

Oil companies brag about profit. As the rest of the country suffers, they celebrate. Rising gas prices are often used as a political weapon. The general public deserves to know why the prices are going up.

It's time for the media to do its job. Don't interview random people. Interview decision-makers and force them to answer tough questions.

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