Opinion: The War in Ukraine Shows Why We Should Focus on Renewable Energy

Walter Rhein

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There are a lot of news stories focusing on the rising price of gas. Energy is one of the fundamental issues of any nation.

We have to keep the lights on.

We have to transport products.

The economy needs to move.

The United States has its oil reserves, but we are dependent on foreign oil. The United States uses a lot of energy.

Oil reserves throughout the world are strategic locations. Our military protects these locations. We send our children to fight to keep the lights on. The military budget is an energy subsidy.

Energy is a lucrative business. Everybody needs to understand that our military makes the oil industry possible.

Supply and demand are the two things that set gas prices. If you want to reduce prices you can either increase supply or reduce demand.

Trucks ship products in the United States. Imagine if electric trains shipped products instead. The United States is covered with railroad beds.

The railroad used to be the primary mode of transportation. Rail shipping is more efficient than trucking.

A transition to renewable energy would greatly reduce our dependency on foreign oil. This is common sense. Why do people object to the idea?

One reason is that solar energy isn’t advanced enough to meet the needs of our country. However, technology evolves fast in the modern era. The first airplane flew in 1903. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969.

I’m old enough to have seen technologies disappear. Cassette tapes were popular when I was a child. Compact discs replaced cassette tapes. Digital music replaced compact discs.

Imagine where solar energy might be in 10 years. We can reduce our dependence on foreign oil by going solar.

With proper investment and development, solar energy can advance. If we invest in high-speed electric trains, we no longer need the trucking industry. These actions lower the demand for gas.

Energy is one of the main reasons for conflict in the world. People need to heat their houses. People need to operate factories. People need to ship products.

If we reduce our dependency on oil, we can avoid military conflicts.

Solar power means that fewer soldiers will die in conflict. Solar power is cleaner. Solar power is renewable.

Foreign dictators cannot control solar power.

High-speed electric trains dramatically reduce our dependency on foreign energy. We should invest more in renewable energy.

Controlling our energy means we steal power from foreign dictators.

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