Narcissists Leave Comments on Articles about Narcissism Denying That it Exists

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In my experience, the world is filled with narcissists and people who have to deal with narcissists. Narcissists think only about themselves. They are selfish, terrible people who will lecture all day about how they are right. They’ll call you stupid. They’ll call you lazy. They’ll insist everything is your fault.

The moment a narcissist feels insulted, he will throw a temper tantrum. The ironic thing about narcissists is that they are super sensitive when it comes to their feelings.

It’s stunning to watch a narcissist engage in behaviors of astounding cruelty without any remorse or hesitation. They will trample on people’s feelings and deny any wrongdoing.

It would be easy to witness this and think that a narcissist has no concept of right and wrong. But that is not the case. Narcissists do understand right and wrong. When they feel they have been wronged, they make sure everyone knows. What they have no concept of is that other people have feelings too.

If you write an article with the title “It’s Difficult For Children to Survive Narcissistic Parents,” a narcissist is likely to take offense. They might comment that children can be narcissists too.

A narcissist sees a title and perceives it as an insult. They then become offended because they feel they are under attack from the article.

The truth is, the writer of the article has no idea who these people are. The narcissist always has to be the victim.

One of the primary weapons of the narcissist is to deflect at any perceived accusation of fault. Children can indeed be narcissists too. However, if the current discussion is about narcissistic parents then the discussion about narcissistic children needs to wait.

By constantly deflecting, the narcissist can keep his victims off balance. Narcissists don’t want to allow a productive conversation because that might lead to accountability. Instead, a narcissist likes to change topics and keep everyone confused.

When a narcissist is cornered, they might start accusing others of being crazy. If they have no logical argument to defend themselves, they’ll start making personal attacks against their opponents.

One of a narcissist’s best weapons is to deny everything. They like to claim that they do and say hurtful things without the intention of causing pain. They say that because the pain wasn’t their intention, they shouldn’t bear any blame for causing harm.

If you accidentally run over somebody’s dog with your car, you didn’t intentionally inflict pain. However, the person who has just lost a dog is in enormous pain because of your actions. Even if it was an accident, you are still responsible when you hurt people.

Everyone who has ever held a job has come into contact with a narcissist. It is human nature to exploit power. Every one of us has to combat our inclination to narcissism.

The best way to avoid becoming a narcissist is to be willing to take accountability for your mistakes. When you hurt people you need to offer an apology. Narcissists don't ever apologize. People who are not narcissists do apologize.

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