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Aaron Rodgers Fails to Provide Any Answers on Kenny Mayne’s Program

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Aaron Rodgers looked cool and relaxed on Kenny Mayne’s program, which is the exact opposite of the way every fan of the Green Bay Packers is feeling at this point.

Throughout his appearance, Rodgers smiled and talked in a relaxed tone of voice as if he’s calm and at peace with the world. He insisted that none of the current situation has anything to do with the Jordan Love pick, and reiterated that he loved his teammates, coaching staff, and fans.

The problem is that none of his comments provided any clarity into his current thinking.

Is Aaron Rodgers insisting on being traded?

Does he want Jordan Love to be traded?

Does he want Brian Gutekunst to be fired?

Is he still mad about the call to attempt a field goal in the NFC Championship game?

Who knows?

In some ways, Rodgers’s appearance on Kenny Mayne’s show seemed like an opportunity to gloat. He seems to think that by virtue of the fact that he’s the NFL’s reigning MVP, the rules don’t apply to him.

But the fact of the matter is, Aaron Rodgers is a single cog in a 182.5 million dollar machine. The Green Bay Packers existed before Aaron Rodgers came along, and they’ll continue to exist after Aaron Rodgers is gone.

Nobody would dispute that Aaron Rodgers is currently the face of the franchise. That’s why he was offered and signed a four year, $134,000,000 contract in August of 2018.

To be clear, it’s not as if Rodgers has been poorly treated. The Packers have surrounded him with one of the best rosters in the NFL, and they’ve shown a lot of patience during the last month when his “displeasure” has become a media story.

When a player is offered a contract with a value in excess of one hundred million dollars, the assumption is that part of his responsibility is to put out fires.

That player shouldn't be starting them.

Provided with a chance to put out the fires on Kenny Mayne’s program, Rodgers elected to smile and laugh and wax poetically about people.

At the end of the segment, Packer fans shut off their television without receiving any reassurance or further understanding of what Aaron Rodgers is thinking.

Make no mistake, that lack of understanding or clarity seemed to be the quarterback’s objective. He had the option to put the hearts and minds of the fan base he claims to adore at ease.

He chose not to.

After watching that interview, it’s hard to conceive of a team that would be willing to make a significant investment in Rodgers in the terms of financial compensation or traded draft picks.

Who wants a quarterback that becomes a massive off-season distraction? Who wants a quarterback that does not abide by the terms of his contract and allows dissension to simmer in the background of what that team is trying to achieve?

Somebody close to Aaron Rodgers needs to sit him down and explain how he’s putting his whole legacy in danger. He’s a grown man who signed a contract. The Green Bay Packers have lived up to their end of that contract. Aaron Rodgers needs to put the drama behind him and get to work.

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