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Pet Wash Kiosk Comes to Chippewa Falls

Walter Rhein
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Pet owners will be delighted to discover a new pet wash kiosk nestled on the grounds of Steve’s Car Wash on North High Street.

Although all pets quickly become a member of the family, it’s easy to concede that they can sometimes make a terrible mess. Washing your four legged friend at home can be a disaster and might even result in scratches and other damages to your property. If you are in a rental unit, you might end up getting stuck with an expensive repair bill.

There’s nothing worse than having a half washed, soaking wet dog decide he’s had enough of his bath. It’s amazing how quickly your pet can slip out of your grip and jump onto every mattress and piece of furniture in your whole home.

The pet wash kiosk allows you to contain your doggy bath in a convenient area. The price for a wash is $15, and there is a subscription offer that greatly reduces the cost per wash. Inside the kiosk you’ll find a large wash tub, water hose, vacuum and dryer.
Image by Walter Rhein

My dog is a 60 pound Labrador/Husky mix. He loves the water, but he tends to be a little suspicious of baths.

There is a step so that your pet can get up onto the wash tub, but I ended up having to lift mine. Once on the wash tub, he was content, although I had to repeatedly remind him to sit down. The kiosk includes a dispenser that will sell treats, but you might have better luck if you remember to bring your pet’s favorite treats from home.
Image by Walter Rhein

You make your payment with the card reader and then select the rinse option from the control panel. Once you let the hose run for a moment, you’ll find it has pleasantly warm water. The rinse option has enough pressure to provide a good clean, but not so much that it is likely to make your pet nervous.

After rinsing your pet, you can choose from a variety of shampoo options. The shampoo is dispensed through the same water hose as as the rinse. Wash options include oat shampoo, tearless shampoo, conditioner, flea & tick, and pet deodorizer. You can change selections as many times as you wish.

Once you are finished washing your pet, you can do a final rinse. The 20 minute wash time is sufficient to completely wash your pet.

There is also a vacuum option for sucking up excess water and a dryer option. I found that my dog was able to tolerate the vacuum option for cleaning up the water around him, but he did not like the vacuum head to come too near him. He also had no tolerance for the dryer.

As we enter summer, there’s no harm in allowing your dog to leave the kiosk slightly wet. However, if you intend to use the pet wash throughout the winter, it’s advisable to take advantage of the summer months to help accustom your pet to the vacuum and dryer.
Image by Walter Rhein

The last step in the process is to clean the walls and tub with the tub disinfectant spray.

The pet wash kiosk is a nice way to ensure you can keep the inevitable mess of a pet bath contained in a small area. Keep in mind that you are probably going to get wet as your pet will likely stand up and shake himself off several times during the process. Overall, this is a very good option for ensuring your pet stays clean and healthy in the most efficient way possible.

Pet wash is located at: 406 N High St, Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

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