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Eau Claire Author Finds Success With 'Nephilim' Book Series

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During the 8 years he spent on active duty in the US Air Force, Travis Ludvigson was deployed to Turkey, Egypt, and the Republic of Korea. These days, Ludvigson is content to remain in the Eau Claire area with his family and leave his traveling to flights of the imagination.

Ludvigson is the author of three novels, and has placed short stories in two prominent collections from The Perseid Press. The Perseid Press is owned and operated by renowned fantasy writer Janet Morris who is most famous for the Thieves’ World novels she penned with Baen Books in the 70s.

Ludvigson’s work can most accurately be described as literary fantasy in the tradition of Morris, or other fantasy legends such as Robert E. Howard. His Nephilim series is a reference to the mysterious giants mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, and it has been very well received by critics and readers alike.

I am fascinated by words and how impactful the right or wrong ones can be. I have several handwritten journals that I use to jot down words that grab my attention, or those that I have never heard before. I am also an avid reader, and always have a book close at hand. At some point I decided that I should start writing my own stories—Travis Ludvigson

Ludvigson’s Nephilim chronicles currently sits at two titles, Yare' Darkness Bound and Iron Song, but he is in the process of developing the third title in the series.

I have been slowly shaping the third book in The Nephilim Chronicles. The working title is Ordinatio and it takes place amidst the religious tensions of the reign of Emperor Constantine. The story involves the disenchanted pagans of the Empire unleashing chaos and evil upon the land. Supernatural forces on both sides have concealed themselves within key positions to exert their influence over the military might of the Empire in the battle to come—Travis Ludvigson

Ludvigson also has an intense interest in Norse mythology which is based in his own family heritage.

I am working on a story (possibly developing into a full novel) about the Einherjar from Norse mythology. They are the brave warriors who died in battle and were taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla to become part of Odin’s army and fight for him at Ragnarök—Travis Ludvigson

With new projects on the horizon for Perseid Press as well as the continuation of the Nephilim series, Ludvigson’s name is likely to remain in the public eye for the foreseeable future. His experiences in the military help him bring a new perspective and realism to the popular genre of literary fantasy.

Anyone interested in well-informed writing that combines the adventure of fiction with a mythological and historical context would be well served to add the works of Travis Ludvigson to their reading list. It's always a joy to read a rousing tale that leaves the reader with a more developed awareness of the shared legends that shape our cultural ancestry.

To find out more about Travis Ludvigson, check out his Land of the Norseman web page.

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