If All Lives Mattered, College Would be Free

Walter Rhein

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One of the most frustrating things about our national discourse is the blatant hypocrisy. Recently politicians have been puffing themselves up and insisting that “all lives matter” because they steadfastly wish to misunderstand and deride the “black lives matter” movement.

They claim that they care for all lives, but time and time again they resist any political action which could actually improve the health and well-being of our whole population.

Just stop for a moment and think of how much better the lives of everyone in our country would be if the price of advanced education didn’t prevent individuals from improving their situations.

Education is too expensive

Just a few months ago, the government wrote a check for 2 trillion dollars and handed it out to the businesses in our nation which are supposed to be the greatest revenue generators. This kind of thing is not without precedent. Every ten years or so, the US taxpayer somehow gets on the hook to bail-out the tiniest, richest percentage of our population.

Meanwhile, hard working Americans who don’t make stupid business decisions that lead to total economic collapse, have to start saving money the moment their child is born so that they can one day send him/her to a university.

Why do poor people always have to end up paying for the mistakes of the rich and entitled?

Million dollar coaches

Today, universities throughout the nation are complaining that they are struggling financially. Yet, there has not yet been one news story about a college firing its high profile football coach who is making eight to ten million dollars a year.

Newsflash: when other businesses struggle, they make cutbacks. How about cutting loose some of those coaches with inflated contracts? You can also slash the salaries of administrators.

Nope, it’s never going to happen. And those coaches just contribute to a system that is designed to bleed your children out of every dollar they’re ever going to make. In the end, universities will probably get another massive round of bail out checks.

Why not just give those checks to students and allow them to spend it on education? That would effectively double the value!

Debt means control

People in the United States have a right to be enormously frustrated. Yet, in this country you can’t even reference a bad system without people blowing a blood vessel screaming at you that you are “ungrateful” and that you “hate the country.”

When my car starts to misfire I don’t take it into the mechanic’s office because I hate it. I take it in to get it fixed.

College is too expensive, and it’s in the interest of some groups that others are saddled with crushing debt. Debt means control. It means kids who get out of college have to find a job instantly, shut up, and get to work. It means they have no energy left over to work to reform a flawed system.

An educated America is stronger

Throughout my life, I’ve seen nothing but efforts on the part of our nation to erode the educational system of this nation. Even as a child I thought this effort was colossally stupid.

How are Americans supposed to compete on the global market if they lack the education of their competitors?

The more people we educate, the greater advancements we can make in all fields. Those advancements will lead to greater revenue and a stronger, more powerful nation. Too bad we let all our policy be decided by groups that only see young people as a means to squeeze dimes into their own, already inflated bank accounts.

Quit running down young people

The young people of this country are its greatest resource, yet young people are constantly derided in the media. That’s as idiotic as running down the person you’re married to. After all, you chose that person.

If you run down your romantic partner, the only one who looks stupid is you.

By the same token, running down the youngest generation just makes the generation that raised them look like a bunch of terrible, self-absorbed, and incompetent parents. Stop doing it.

Quit being a hypocrite

Those people that are out there goose stepping around and screaming “all lives matter” need to be held accountable. Too often in our country, we allow people to get away with saying things without any consequences or proof of sincerity. People say they care about “all lives” but they clearly don’t, otherwise they wouldn’t be standing idly by while so many people were made to suffer by our corrupt system.

Obviously, there are millions of actions people could take to improve the standing of all lives in our country. One way would be to ensure access to high quality, advanced education so that our young people are guaranteed a pathway to a better future.

We have too many gatekeepers at all levels of our society who determine who gets to advance and who is held back.

Remove the gatekeepers and allow the youth of our nation to develop into capable, self-sufficient, and free individuals. Above all things, it’s truly saddening that so many of the powerful people in our nation dedicate their lives to stealing the freedom of everyone else.

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