Let’s get back to Culinary, come home to the food industry! My opinion at Sparkman wharf

We are always looking for the best FOOD & DRINKS in the GREAT STATE OF FLORIDA; and this week was a dud! We weren’t able to film!! Staffing issues within the food industry is once again the culprit, and responsible for another location to cancel filming… We all want to go out and enjoy a nice dinner people! Nobody benefits from the mass exodus of food industry staff! It’s better now… that’s what isn’t realized now. Most establishments got the hint and have improved pay and work environment as a whole. It’s a great time to go and negotiate a better situation at a restaurant or hotel! Bottom line is food and beverage must continue! We all want solid service when we go out to eat… come back to the business people! As always, let's support all of the great Chefs and food service personnel that work hard to bring you pretty plates and full bellies!

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