Best FOOD & DRINKS: Yugiri Ramen Project Orlando

Ok so I've got a new Friday night Ramen spot! My goal is to highlight where to find the best FOOD & DRINKS! Chef Mike Evans does Ramen right! It legit made me happy... You won't be disappointed. Instagram: @yugiriramenproject Chapter Markers: 0:00 Start 0:50 Rapid fire 07:00 Sexy cooking 08:12 Walk In Confessions 11:08 Kitchen Ink 14:23 And We Eat Please SLAM that SUBSCRIBE button so we could continue bringing you Bad-Ass content from the kitchen! Thanks for tuning into Walk In Talk: the restaurant life! Remember, it's always cool in the Walk In! Friends of the Walk In Talk Show: https://www.donpablocoffee.com​ (Culinary Photography)

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