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The fashion of the fanny pack is still a lot of people have not let go of it, Why? It is very fashionable, very much in line with the current trend, use it to do styling easily to create a sense of fashion. At Waistpack, you can find a wide selection of cell phone fanny pack from a whole bunch of styles. So I picked out a couple that might catch your eye – like the fanny pack black.

Once you mention the fanny pack, everyone's mind will appear such a picture, "it is the kind of wallet hanging on the waist and butt, many vendors bosses love to use it to collect money". Despite this, the retro addition, so that it has a soul has a fashionable tone, this waist bag from the 8, 90s, now strutting into the fashion world, more so a vote of supermodels, fashion gurus, bloggers, Hollywood stars are buying this trigram, I think we have no reason to refuse.

Having said that, but this single product is not at all easy to manage, we worry about the concerns, such as falling into the hands of mortals, in the fashionable super rammed fanny pack will also be beaten back to the prototype, so, in the end, how do we match it will betide, will be fashionable? Today I will explain the following common fanny pack style.

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# Mini models

Mini fanny pack can be seen from the name, it is really more decorative than practical. So how do men use it? For men who like to use accessories, it can become an external pocket for you to hang on the waist can basically meet the needs.

Since it is decorative large, then simply color to pick eye-catching, if you are all black, with a cutting-edge waist bag, will look particularly elegant, can bring out a little casual sex, and brighten up the look. Wear the colorful, to a plain color is also very eye-catching.

# Boat type fanny pack

This is the most classic look of the fanny pack, this style was popular in the 80s, when it was also slumped on the waist or the outside of the buttocks. However, now that fashion has increased, slanting will be a major trend, so that the shape is more bright, but also has rich layers.

I don't know if you have studied the style of waist bags can be contacted, in addition to street style, and gentleman styling is also very matched, you can see Gucci, Louis Vuitton to Valentino demonstration, whether waist or slant back, with a suit, waist bags have a new fashion in the surge.

Even Hermes, which has always taken the high and cold route, also took the waist bag suit as a topic, it can be seen that the waist bag fashion is unstoppable.

Wearing fashionable, all depends on the cooperation of single products, but you say how T-shirt + shorts, I suggest that it is better to put down first, so that the wish white T + nine-quarter pants + waist bag.

# Square waist bag

The square waist bag stands out in the contour design of the bag, compared with the previous two, this design is more weighty, but I suggest here that you do not tie in the waist, because the square waist bag area is relatively large, the visual will be more strange, oblique back will look better.

In addition, to focus on the back method, but also pay attention to the material, the material is also one of the visual focus, followed by the best color and clothing is the same color with, but you have you think black and white with also good, you can try.

# Progressive belt bag

If you have a good idea of the matching of accessories, then the above is a piece of cake for you. I looked at the Prada show, it was home to the fanny pack as a belt use, the bag body placed behind the buttocks, deliberately revealing the bag's strap and belt mix and match. The premise of this practice is to have a sense of the design of the waist bag, especially the belt of the bag, there are some graffiti or print more suitable.

The above mentioned is the latest style of the waist bag, then what is the popular back method? It is not too late, immediately sent on.

Waist bags, waist bags are just hanging on the waist, such as slightly loose tied to the waist, hanging diagonally on the body, are the trendsetters with the skills, the following just look at the picture we all understand

1. tied to the waist

This is one of the most basic, the most entry method of carrying, from the 8, 90s, the history I will not BB with you, to say a little is, when wearing not hanging in front, should be hanging in the oblique side, so it will be more suitable for street style or sports sense of dress.

Not only that, you can also "crossover" to cardigans or blazers, so tied in the middle part of the waist in the form of a belt, not only to elongate the body shape can also add a unique sense of fashion.

2. slant hanging on the body

This back method can be seen in foreign streets, hanging on the chest, as a side backpack in the back, even if worn with a formal sense of dress can also add a little playful street flavor.

Especially, wearing formal wear with a large logo or jump color eye-catching, more people can see your unique with the power. You can also add a little visual sense with an interesting logo shirt.

Know what is popular and know-how to carry the most fashionable, the difference is one or two can hold the scene of the brand, I organized a few boutique fanny packs, high budget men should not let go of such a good single product.


Alessandro Michele is one of the souls of the Gucci brand, he is good at retro style into the street elements and popular elements. This new 80s-inspired Fanny Pack bag is decorated with ethnic totem patterns throughout the waistband and is made of nylon to greatly enhance durability. This bag can be carried in two ways, both fashionable and practical, buddies with high budgets may want to give it a try.

This style has spread to the streets, just look at the design is difficult to hold, want to try can refer to these fashionistas wear.


In March this year, the former creative director of Givenchy came to Burberry's brand, which means that Burberry's route to turning to the young. But before the former creative director arrived at Burberry, Burberry intentionally wanted to develop a younger design for the new generation of post-00 consumers. One of Burberry has graffiti fanny packs is to try, the 90s street popular fanny pack as inspiration, plus modern elements to show the current trend of the retro new style.


Balenciaga since the founder of Vetements Demna Gvasalia joined, the brand can be said to be completely changed, the entire brand in the line of youth, while the launch of the Triple-S, Speed Trainer two pairs of sneakers are also leading the trend. Not long ago, the House of Paris even street graffiti as the inspiration, the perfect combination of retro elements with the avant-garde personality of the single product, once launched on the market also caused a rush to buy. This waist bag is made of high-grade imitation old leather, plus the graffiti slogan decoration, as well as the shoulder strap part of the chain design, making the whole bag handsome and fashionable.


Fendi's Fall/Winter 2018 collection was held at the beginning of the year, in which the brand's already classic "F" logo was used as inspiration, and the artist Hey Reilly, who is famous for spoofing "DIOR x Nike", and the Italian sports brand FILA made a "double F" collaboration to create a series of FILA x FENDI co-branded models. The series mainly uses FILA's classic color scheme of red and blue on Fendi's logo, and this series of fanny pack accessories is a redesigned "Fendi" logo on the glazed fabric printed with F's, which is surprisingly good-looking.

After reading the above introduction, do you have the intention to get a new bag?

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