Investing in FIFA 22 is an easy way to make coins

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Investing can be simple, but there are some factors which you have to keep in mind in order to succeed. Overall it's nothing else than buying certain cards at a cheap moment, for example during pack supply and selling, when the cards are demanded. Cards get demanded for different reasons.

Squad Building Challenge:

Cards could be demanded in SBCS because of their rating, their league or even because of the nation.

For example:

A SBC demands an 87 rating or at least 5 players from the same nation.


Cards could be demanded through certain requirements for unlocking objective players.

For example:

Swaps promo, where you have to win Squad Battle matches with 11 players of a certain nation in order to get a collectible token.


Possible linkups with other cards from upcoming promos make certain objects interesting as well.

For example:

A left winger is most likely to get a TOTW object in the following week. That's where things could get interesting for another TOTW object from the same team, which is meta and links up perfectly with the potential new left winger. Many players want to include the new left winger in their team and thus also need to buy the other player to link him up. The price for the old player increases!

The best time to buy potential cards is about 1-2 weeks or even more in front of a speculated release. I recommend to rely on events from the past games, because many things will repeat! In this case experience will help you a lot, because you have the approximate time in your mind when something is coming. If you have no experience on that, you can go ahead and look up a release schedule of the last games. That will help!

I recommend using the following one from "FIFAUTEAM". Next to that "FUT Watch" is very interesting and reliable, because they leak codes from the game very early. This can help you to get information on upcoming content.

Whom to invest?

If you're investing because of potential rating requirements, it's always better to focus on players, which are linkable to other players with a certain rating.

For example: Spain or Brazil have many opportunities in all ratings!

Next to that the position is important as well. I recommend avoiding goalkeepers except for the high rated ones. These cards have very low chemistry on all other positions. Left backs have at least some chemistry on the left midfield for example. The same goes with other positions. Stick to players which are always more demanded than other ones, even if they're more expensive during a buy window. The potential that these cards get even more demanded is very high!
(Image credit: FUTBIN)

This screenshot shows the variety of Spanish players in rating, position & clubs. Stats are not important while investing because the cards will get recycled in SBCs anyway and there are no requirements regarding certain stats.

All-in or Clubstock?

I recommend not going all-in on one player and buying him several times. The risk of losing many FIFA 22 coins is very big in this case. Same goes for getting profits, but we have to find a balance between risk and potential profits. Next to that it's more effective to use investing as a passive way to trade.

You could make a clubstock, where you buy all ratings of gold or TOTW cards and store them in your club. The pro argument is that you don't block your transfer list and can use it afterwards for other trading methods while waiting for your investments to rise. It's never wrong to stock your club with 84+ gold & 81+ TOTW cards, if they aren't currently demanded for different cases. If you block your transfer list with investments, you never know how long you have to wait because certain events will repeat themselves, but maybe not at the same time of a game.
(Image credit: FUTBIN)

This screenshot shows us the different players from certain ratings. It's important to make the correct choice to be successful with investing. Popular and easy to link nations and leagues are always the best way to go even if they are a bit more expensive.

TOTW investing

You can invest in current TOTW objects during supply if their price is cheaper than the current level of other fodder cards with the same rating. The demand and price level of TOTW cards will rise with upcoming content. A clubstock of the cheapest fodder informs of all ratings week by week can be a gamechanger in the long term.

On this site you can see the "cheapest players by rating" on FUTBIN. I've set the filter "Gold IF" in this case. You can spot price differences in the rating sections and pick up the cheapest ones of the current week during supply in order to have a good revenue some days later.

Patience is key!

The most important thing when investing is to keep patience. The prices will decrease if expectations are not met at a certain time. But as I told you before, there are no fixed days for the release of special content. From my experience the patient people will always be rewarded at the end!

Investing isn't for everyone! It might seem like the easiest way to trade, but there is more behind that. Patience is key, as I told you before and it's important to buy the right cards. Be aware of the waiting period and make sure that you're fine with that. I recommend investing if you won't be active on the market anyway and want to store your FIFA 22 coins correctly.

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