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The equal in equality?

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Dear reader

Well here I am again, to point out the steady stream of toxic nonsense which manages to permiate the very fabric of society with its foul oder.

And today I'd like to start with a simple quote

"Equality should belong to no one if it does not belong to everyone"

This pertains to the hot button topic of equality or the lack thereof being experienced in society today, and somehow where it is most lacking is by those who claim to stand for it...

In recent years and even months people have thrown away the definition of equality and turned against one another based on flimsy assumptions, crackpot theories, and fixed charts, and in all factual honestly this level of separation has not been seen since some of the most grueling points of American history, yet we have the nerve to speak of a better future for our children?

I mean... If one were to simply pick up a dictionary now and again then i would hope that most of you would realize that the definitions this book has to offer can sum up almost anything.

Yes!!! "ALMOST" anything...

However What it cannot sum up is your inability to grasp them, and this statement is true not only with one subject but everything from gender, sexuality, and even opinions....

However one interesting point is that these subjects all seem to have one single word in common when speaking of modern society...

You can experience racism "unless" your white
You have a valid opinion "unless" we don't like it
You can experience sexual harassment "unless" your a man.
You are free to be religious "unless" we deem your religion wrong
And so on

Though these examples which I have mentioned are just examples, they are no less true, especially today.

So to end this article I say
If you are for equality show it

AND that's the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth!!!

Is this equal?Eddie B.

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