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From asylum to insanity

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Dearest reader... we begin with a question.

Have you ever seen a shopping center in a cemetery?

If you answered no, then you have not yet seen the latest atrocity created for the hypocritical yet somehow equally minded public... I am, of course referring to the recent construction of a shop rite and burger King on the site of the former hudson valley state mental asylum, and while most of you may throw your hands up in offense or outrage to my accusation of hypocrisy when referring to certain members of the modern public, let us (if just for a moment) give acknowledgment towards all the recent outrage directed to the unrecognized locations of suffering endured by racial minorities through history where in the these same people march about claiming to preach equality for all, but you may agree dear reader, that the true nature of their priorities only show themselves when you realize no issue is found, and no grievances given, when the former site of barbaric medical experiments conducted on all walks of life is made into a place of public consumption and apartments only affordable to the wealthy, yes you did read that correctly... you see the original part of the hudson state hospital which was built in 1871 is being turned into places of administration and living affordable only to the wealthy... the cheapest of these is near the price of $200,000 a month.

So I end dear reader as I began
With a question

Is equality really equality only if some are deemed worthy??

that's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

My head hurtsEddie B.

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