10 Eco Skincare Brands That Give Back to the Earth

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These eco-friendly skincare brands are giving back to Mother Earth and its communities

When choosing the right skincare, a brand that possesses a deep sense of social responsibility will always stand out. Knowing how the skincare products you’re using have a positive impact on the world, nature, and communities around is truly something beautiful – and it doesn’t hurt when these products can also bring about amazing results, which you can see and feel. Take a look at these 10 eco-friendly skincare brands that give back to the Earth.


THALGO, with its marine-based beauty philosophy, has always been committed to protecting the oceans. For this year’s World Oceans Day, they took action to commit to more beautiful seas and cleaner oceans. During this event, THALGO highlighted three main things: education to the general public on the essential benefits of the sea, affirmation of the brand’s commitments, and involvement of its community to daily resolutions. Above and beyond their corporate social responsibility, their range of ultra-hydrating, anti-aging, and wrinkle-correcting products are now free from controversial ingredients such as phenoxyethanol and silicon. Plus, their product packaging is made from recycled and sustainably-sourced materials.


2. Pevonia
This celebrity-coveted, multi-award-winning skincare brand is making waves with its results-based and eco-friendly products. Launched in the year 1991, Pevonia was green even before it was fashionable. Natural ingredients, recyclable packaging, and sustainable practices make this brand certified Mother-Nature approved. In addition to all this, Pevonia also donates to select organizations and the company makes it a point to minimize paper printing, recycle waste, plant trees, save energy, and more.

Healing Earth

3. Healing Earth
Healing Earth is an African spa brand that guarantees only organic products and gives back generously to Africa through their Healing Earth Foundation. This foundation aims to nurture and develop conscious and healthy children of all ages in Africa’s impoverished communities through outreach projects and opportunities. Using Africa’s finest and natural resources and making use of only people-, animal-, and earth-friendly methods and ingredients, this skincare brand is definitely something you’ll want to be checking out.


4. Caudalie
In the words of Caudalie’s founders, “Give back to the Earth a little of what it gives us each day. We believe in responsible beauty that respects the planet and the people who inhabit it.” Being a member of the “1% for the Planet” network, Caudalie contributes 1% of its worldwide turnover to organizations working to protect the environment. Not only are they the top European contributor, they are also the top beauty contributor worldwide. Their skincare ingredients use the power of grape – from polyphenols from grape seeds, resveratrol from grape vines, to viniferine, which is a sap from vine stalks – which assure powerful, effective results.


L’OCCITANE supports not only one, but three lines of earth-giving projects: Caring for Sight, Empowering Women, and Respecting Biodiversity. Partnering with UNICEF, the L’OCCITANE Foundation is helping combat avoidable blindness internationally by funding screening, treatments, and glasses, and also supporting ophthalmologist training and research. In Burkina Faso, they are supporting women-centered projects and promoting girls’ education. Thirdly, with the natural environment being of great importance to them, the L’OCCITANE Foundation supports conservation projects in Provence and the Mediterranean, and other international biodiversity protection programs.

Biologique Recherche

6. Biologique Recherche
With environmental protection being a key focus for Biologique Recherche, the brand makes it a point to analyze the entire life cycle of their products to come up with the most effective, environmentally-friendly way to produce its skincare. Biologique Recherche is also a founding member of the Oceano Scientific Programme, which is a project set up to protect and preserve oceanic ecosystems. So besides effective, high-quality, and active-ingredient-rich products, this skincare brand assures you of an unquestionable love and care for Mother Earth.

Aromatherapy Associates

7. Aromatherapy Associates
Ethically sourced, natural, and sustainable, Aromatherapy Associates is keen on sourcing only the finest ingredients and purest extracts for its essential oils. Partnering their philosophy of “Transforming your daily routine into a luxurious and wholly beneficial experience” with a commitment to mindful beauty, the brand is an all-in-one package for lovers of luxurious and natural skincare products. This brand is committed to taking a mindful approach to the origins of all its oils and botanicals, plus the workers’ wellbeing, as well as lending a helping hand to various global community projects.


Three things that have always been close to ESPA’s heart: sustainability, the protection of nature, and supporting the planet. From manufacturing to packaging, this natural brand strives to make sound environmental decisions for each and every one of their products. The year 2020 has seen ESPA take a big step towards sustainability – with all its factory’s electrical energy coming from renewable sources with at least 20% generated on the site through solar panels. Not only is the skincare produced in a green way, but it is expertly formulated and guaranteed to protect the long-term health and beauty of your skin as well.

Comfort Zone

9. comfort zone
With skincare products that not only respect the skin, but the earth as well, comfort zone makes sure to choose only sustainably- and responsibly-sourced, high-quality ingredients. This brand also chooses recyclable packaging, fully CO2 compensated, through Ethio Trees, which is a reforestation initiative in Ethiopia. Formulated with the key words “clean” and “results-driven” in mind, their natural products are highly concentrated, clinically proven, dermatologically tested, and suitable for vegans.

Irene Forte

10. Irene Forte
Considered to be the cleanest, healthiest, and most balanced in the world, the Mediterranean diet is where Irene Forte’s natural skincare product’s ingredients draw inspiration from. The nutrient-dense ingredients of this diet are just as effective and healthy when applied directly onto the skin. Rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and antioxidants, this natural brand’s products are perfect for anyone looking to enrich, rejuvenate, and protect their skin. Plus, Irene Forte puts a huge emphasis on sourcing locally, applying hand-picked and organic farming methods, using recycling and greener packaging, and promoting Sicily’s artisans and contributing to the local community.

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