10 Most Dangerous Cities in Massachusetts

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Starting a new job in Massachusetts and settling down can be a great experience, so it's essential to start considering the most dangerous places to live while you're there. As everyone needs to live in a safe neighborhood, crime rates are necessary to consider. Some cities are better than others for living in the best environment in which to grow and thrive. The following cities rank highest in terms of danger according to RoadSnacks' data:

1. Holyoke

The city of Holyoke is located near the Springfield Metropolitan area in the west of the state. A 10% increase in property crimes has occurred in the past two years. The number of violent crimes has increased by four percent. The city of Holyoke is on a downward spiral, and it is no longer a safe place to live. Among violent crimes, it ranks second, while property crimes rank first.

2. Springfield

There were more property crimes and murders in Springfield in 2012 than anywhere else. Property crimes mainly consisted of thefts, but there were also burglaries and vehicle thefts. Springfield had a 1 in 18 chance of being victimized by crime, based on the number of crimes per person the city had for the year.

3. Brockton

When it comes to violent crimes, Brockton is ranked as the 4th worst in the nation. Losing things to theft is terrible, but people cannot be replaced. Children with small parents won't be happy in Brockton.

4. New Bedford

New Bedford was not among our top 10 cities for the number of murders per 1,000 people, but violent crime was still rife there. There were three times more violent crimes per person in New Bedford than in any other city in the state. There were also many property crimes and criminal offenses per person in the area.

5. Pittsfield

For violent crimes, Pittsfield is ranked as the fifth-worst city in the state. In terms of property crimes, it ranks 6th. It gets worse because the job growth rate is negative. The city of Pittsfield is in a state of decline, so starting a new life here is not advised.

6. Chicopee

As Chicopee lies right in the middle of Holyoke and Springfield, its location doesn't help crime. Chicopee has a lower violent crime rate than the cities it borders, but its property crime rate is almost as high. It is a good idea to keep all your valuables safe since Chicopee had 971 larceny cases in 2019.

7. North Adams

In 2012, there were no murders reported in North Adams. The city also had the fourth-most crimes per person in Massachusetts with its high total count of property crimes.

8. Worcester

8190 crimes were reported in Worcester in 2012. There are approximately .04 crimes per person among the 183,000 people living in the city. Additionally, it had the fifth-highest number of property crimes and the seventh-highest number of violent crimes per person.

9. Hadley

Hadley is the smallest town on this list, with a population of 5,358. However, small towns are not necessarily safer. Among all violent crimes committed in Hadley over the year, rape accounted for 25% of the total.

10. West Springfield

The town of West Springfield is situated on the Connecticut River west of the center of the city. While West Springfield is ranked 19th out of 50 cities for violent crimes, it is ranked 2nd for property crimes. Robbery and theft are serious crimes. Because of the rampant theft reported every year had earned a spot as our 18th worst city.

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