10 Most Dangerous Cities in Maine

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Maine is the best place to call home in America, and we can all agree. Visiting it is also a great idea. Winters are snowy, summers are green, and there's salty air at the coast, so there's a lot to love. People have been moving to Maine in record numbers over the past few years because of this. Our state is not without crime. Despite the great things about it, it's not without crime. The following cities have been ranked as most dangerous in RoadSnacks' most recent statistics. 

1. Houlton

In terms of violence, Houlton ranks high in Maine. How did it happen? In terms of violent crime, it ranks first in the state. In terms of property crime, it occupies the 13th position.

2. Biddeford

Additionally, Zippia reports that Biddeford suffers from a higher number of single women. Uninsured Americans make up 6.4% of the population, and the poverty rate is 18.1%. Even though women earn an average of $0.82 per dollar a man earns, women occupy only 41.2 percent of management positions.

3. Rumford

Rumford isn't all that bad if you compare it to the others on this list. There is a 1 in 439 chance of being victim to violent crime if you live here. The property crime rate is dropping as well, so stay on top of this. It might land on a different (and more positive list next year.

4. Augusta

18 635 people live in Augusta, a city of moderate size. Living in Augusta has its challenges, including the high unemployment rate of 6.2 percent. The city ranks second among dangerous cities in the state of Maine. Victims of crime have a high chance of becoming victims. The probability of being robbed in Augusta is one in thirty for those who live here. In addition to lobster traps, snowmobiles, guns, and cell phones. 

5. Skowhegan

Zippia says that Skowhegan is not a good city for single women. Women earning a living in the city earn just 0.63 cents for every dollar a man earns. The female workforce in management is 49.7 percent. It gets worse. One in seven women in New York is uninsured, and one in eight live in poverty. This means that living as a single woman in Skowhegan isn't easy.

6. Sanford

The city of Sanford is located in York County. As opposed to their Portland neighbors, the residents of Portland face the opposite issue. Several years ago, crime rates in the city were reviewed by analysts. FBI statistics indicate that property crimes haven't gone down, but neither have they increased either. Violence is a significant cause for concern. There has been a 25 percent increase in numbers. Theft of your things is one thing, but the possibility of becoming the victim of a violent crime is even more worrying. Physical harm is often irreversible. Though you can replace items, often, it is irreversible.

7. Presque Isle

9,162 people are living in Presque Isle, a small town in Maine. The unemployment rate in the city is 4.4 percent, and the poverty rate is 22 percent. The number of poor people living in Presque Isle is higher than in Calais. More people live in poverty than in Calais, but the median family income is still the second-lowest.

8. Waterville

Even though violent crime rates in Waterville have decreased by ten percent in the past two years, there are still some negative aspects of the city to its story. The number of property crimes has risen dramatically. In the past 20 years, these crimes have steadily increased. 

9. Portland

Maine's most densely populated city is Portland. Crowds aren't for everyone, so you won't enjoy living here. There has been a 7 percent decrease in violent crime in the past few years, but property crime rates have remained the same. Maine's tenth most dangerous city ranking gives it the position of 20th worst city for living.  

10. Lewiston

There are some differences between Lewiston and Orono, but overall earnings are the same at 0.74 cents on the dollar, and 36 percent of the management workforce is female. Women without insurance make up a lot of the uninsured, even though the poverty rate for single women is lower at 21.2%. One in nine Lewiston single ladies lack health insurance.

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