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There are rich cultural, historical, and culinary offerings in Alabama. College football, rocket ships, and Southern literature make it famous. Visit and live in Alabama. Alabama's cities, like those in other states, have less safety than others. To help you determine the security of your current or future communities, we have compiled a list based on data from the RoadSnacks. The following are Alabama's ten most dangerous cities:

1. Fairfield

According to al.com, there is a 26 percent poverty rate in Fairfield. Add to that a violent crime rate of 1,905 per 100,000 people and a median household income of $36,000. The price of a property here is less than half what it would be elsewhere in the US; hence no one would spend more than $96,000 here.

2. Anniston

There's a flurry of activity in Anniston. Anniston, Alabama, is suffering from 30 percent poverty. There are 3,434 violent crimes per 100,000 people in Anniston, making it the highest violent crime rate. Anniston has also lost 4,2 percent of its population over the past five years, and its employment rate has fallen 10.9 percent.

3. Lanett

The town of Lanett has a population of 6,245 people. It's a little better in terms of violent crimes, but still not a place you'd feel comfortable walking home alone at night with 1409 violent crimes per 100k. Despite recent job losses, job growth has been positive, and unemployment is consistent with national averages. However, that doesn't excuse the crime figures. 

4. Birmingham

Other people are also affected. While it's called "The Magic City," Birmingham's crime stats are far from magical: one out of every five residents is victimized by a violent crime while six out of ten are targeted by robberies every year. You'd better watch your back if you want to live here.

5. Tarrant

In Tarrant, there has been no improvement in unemployment, crime, or median income. In the U.S., Troy ranks safer than just one percent of other cities, according to neighborhoodscout.com. There are 16.2 percent of the population and 4.9 percent of families living below the poverty line in the area. The median household income is just $29,380. The commute among its residents is among the worst in the state, too.

6. Gadsden

Three murders took place in Gadsden last year. Statistics that anyone would consider to be poor. The number of property crimes is just as wrong, ranking 6th out of all the most dangerous places in the state. Living there means most people can't enjoy the attractions since they're too busy trying to make ends meet. Gadsden is one of the poorest cities in the United States, with 27.2% of residents living below the poverty line.

7. Troy

Troy's crime statistics are unlikely to intimidate you if you laugh in the face of danger. Violence increased by 25 percent between 2017 and 2018, leaving residents with a 1 in 63 chance of being assaulted, raped, or murdered. Avoid your neighbors unless you want them to be crazy, harmful, and dangerous to know.

8. Andalusia

There aren't that many people in Andalusia (the last estimate had the population at 8,753), but it doesn't exactly exude small-town charm either. As for violent crime, it's 16th worst in the state, and it's 10th worst for property crime. Also, it isn't doing too well elsewhere. Andalusia has a staggering poverty rate of 21.1%, which is significantly higher than the national average.

9. Greenville

Although Greenville isn't doing too well either, it might not have the worst crime rate in Alabama, but its prospects are still bleak like most of the state's cities. There is a gloomy unemployment rate of 8.9%, and those lucky enough to have jobs pull in an income of just $36,472 - less than 20% of the national average.

10. Lincoln

Tenth place goes to Lincoln. The chances of becoming a victim of violence in this area is 1 in 94. Lincoln currently has the 16th worst property crime rate in Alabama. The number of violent crimes in Lincoln, AL, is one per 1,000 residents. Assault, robbery, and murder are considered violent crimes. Lincoln is the safest city in Alabama among the top 10 most dangerous cities. 

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