10 Most Dangerous Cities in Indiana

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Consider where you visit and reside before moving or traveling soon, regardless of whether you're moving or traveling. It is essential to know which cities in Indiana might be dangerous so that you can keep an eye out for them. With the help of our friends at RoadSnacks, we assembled the most critical FBI statistics. Take a look: 

1. South Bend

In 2021, South Bend is the most dangerous place in Indiana, thanks to its proximity to the University of Notre Dame and its mayor, Pete Buttigieg. Due to its high burglary rate and 561 car thefts in 2019, South Bend is not the best place to leave an unlocked door to your house or car. Violent crime, however, is a bigger problem. South Bend had the highest violent crime rate in Indiana, with 1 in 75 residents being victims of an attack in the past year. In a way, that makes South Bend's motto sound a little more like a wish than something that reflects what is happening.

2. Clarksville

There is a 1 in 17 chance that Clarksville residents will have their things stolen or damaged throughout 2019, but Clarksville isn't at the top of the list. Even with Indiana's seventh-highest violent crime rate, Clarksville has the highest total crime rate.  

3. East Chicago

As the third most violent crime area in Indiana, East Chicago has the second-highest murder rate. East Chicago has 155 auto thefts, a low rate given that the city only has 27,717 residents, so the rate is on par with South Bend.

4. Evansville

Throughout the year, Evansville residents were 1 in 23 likely to be victims of a property crime. If you win big at Tropicana Casino, definitely keep your winnings private. Evansville is not only hit by small-time crime, but it also had the 4th most rapes in Indiana.

5. Gary

As of 2019, there was an average of more than one murder each week in Gary, the highest rate in Indiana. In East Chicago, the place with the second-highest murder rate in Indiana, the rate is three times higher. Despite Gary's lack of property to steal, it hasn't deterred its criminals, contributing to its rank as the second most burglarized city in Indiana.

6. Anderson

Anderson's number of rape cases was the highest last year, averaging more than once a week. The Mounds State Park makes for a lovely day of hiking. However, Anderson also has Indiana's third-highest burglary rate, so it is probably wise to triple lock your house before leaving.

7. Hammond

In 2019, Hammond recorded 9 murders, making it the eighth-most violent city in Indiana. Over the year, the city reported 315 violent crimes. Hammond saw 2,194 larceny cases in the past year, so don't brag about your winnings from Horseshoe Hammond Casino.

8. Speedway

IndyCar Factory, the police would have difficulty catching up to the thief if any of the 48 car thefts were reported. Thankfully, Speedway isn't solely to blame for its above-average crime rates. Tourism probably contributes significantly to these rates. Speedway is a place where you should watch your wallet closely.

9. Kokomo

One in 147 Kokomo residents is likely to be assaulted, raped, robbed, or murdered in 2019. Another way to look at it is that Kokomo averaged more than one violent crime each day. We're sure residents in Kokomo would greatly appreciate a dedicated police department to reduce crime, despite how proud they are of Kokomo's We Care Park.

10. Lafayette

Despite Lafayette's size, it is Indiana's tenth most dangerous city. Aside from possessing above-average property crime rates, Lafayette also has high violent crime rates. Among the rape cases in Lafayette, the fifth-highest rate was reported. Generally, there were under one violent crime a day in the city and over six property crimes a day. Just for good measure, every week there is a robbery, too.

In your opinion, what are some other dangerous cities that we missed? Feel free to comment below and let us know what you think.












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