10 Most Dangerous Cities in Illinois

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With the sun's setting comes an increase in crime, which means you'll want to be careful in these Chicago suburbs. The following cities are among the most dangerous in Illinois after sunset. Take a partner with you if you need to walk at night. We have gathered the data from RoadSnacks and came up with the following 10 cities that are pretty dangerous after dark in The Prairie State: 

1. Mount Vernon

We're making our way through Jefferson County to Mount Vernon, one of the most dangerous places in Illinois. King City's stay at the top is predictable but a bit concerning, as Mount Vernon was also the most hazardous city last year. Was it that the situation deteriorated so quickly? There is a 1 in 69 chance Mount Vernon residents will be attacked or killed this year, which puts Mount Vernon fourth in the state.

2. Centralia

By 2021, Centralia ranks as Illinois' second most dangerous place to live. Foundation Park might not be the best place to hang out over the weekend if you gather with friends because Centralia has the third-highest level of violence in Illinois. As the state with the most rape cases per capita, Centralia also has the unfortunate distinction. Centralia has the second-highest burglary rate in Illinois, so you aren't even safe at home there.

3. Danville

Danville is the most violent city in Illinois. Mount Vernon takes the top spot for most dangerous city statewide overall. In 2019, there was an average of one murder every month in Danville, making it the sixth-highest murder rate. Since the Vermilion County War Museum displays live-action violence every day, it's no wonder it's one of Danville's most popular attractions.

4. Beardstown

There is an almost one-in-21 chance that somebody will steal from you or damage your stuff in Beardstown, Illinois. Fortunately, no murders or robberies were reported in Beardstown in 2019. That means the vast majority of crimes are relatively minor.

5. Alton

Compared to the national average, Alton has a 70% higher crime rate, ranking ninth in Illinois for violent crimes. On average, there was an aggravated assault every other day in Alton. Keep your fingers crossed that the statue of Alton's native son, the world's tallest man, hasn't come to life and started committing crimes. That would be genuinely terrifying at nearly nine feet tall.

6. Peoria

Peoria ranks sixth in Illinois when it comes to dangerous places. There were only 443 car thefts in Peoria in 2019, so we wonder if those who got to experience it were driving their cars. Peoria is home to Grand View Drive, one of the most scenic roads in the United States.

7. Springfield

Because only one bumbling criminal works in Springfield, I posit that Springfield isn't in Illinois. Moreover, Abraham Lincoln would probably be pretty dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in Springfield today. There have been 5,080 thefts, burglaries, and vandalisms in Springfield, and 889 attacks and murders, placing Springfield in the state's top ten.

8. Rockford

In the state of Illinois, Rockford is the fourth biggest city and the most populous. Rockford features on this list because it has the sixth-highest violent crime rate in the state. You wouldn't feel paranoid looking over your shoulder in Rockford if there were robberies and aggravated assaults just about every day. Each year, Rockford residents have a 1 in 85 chance of becoming a victim of a violent crime.

9. Cahokia

You will not likely get attacked at a local park in Cahokia since it is the 27th on our list of the least violent places. Cahokia had the highest burglary rate in Illinois for 2019, with an average of a burglary occurring every other day. If you live there, you might want to invest in some good home security.

10. Carbondale   

In 2019, 932 property crimes were reported in southern Illinois. In addition, Carbondale registered nearly one rape case per week on average, making it the sixth most frequent rape area in the state. Additionally, there were about two aggravated assaults per week in the city.

The following are the cities we found to be the most dangerous in Illinois. Which of these cities have you visited? Where do you live? We'd love to hear from you!












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