10 Most Dangerous Cities in Connecticut

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No state is perfect, and Connecticut is no exception. Find out as much as you can about the different areas before choosing one to call home. In doing so, you will be able to make an informed decision about where to live in Connecticut. Crime rates, house prices, unemployment levels, and how high the standard of living is are essential factors in determining which places are the dangerous places to live in Connecticut. Poor schools and a lack of recreational facilities are also factors that make a place undesirable. According to RoadSnacks, here are Connecticut's 10 dangerous cities:

1. New Haven

No matter what the numbers say, New Haven is dangerous. As a result of criminal activity in the community, it was named Connecticut's most dangerous city for 2021 after ranking second in 2020. 4958 property crimes were committed in 2019, which is a staggering number. It might not be just the 659 burglaries that happened that keeps you up at night. Yale University Art Gallery was not broken into.

2. Hartford

The "Murder Capital of Connecticut" would be a more apt nickname for Hartford than just "Mark Twain House and Museum.” Hartford is also home to the Mark Twain House & Museum, which opened in 1938. It is the most prevalent in this city. During Hartford's 726 aggravated assaults in 2019, 21 people lost their lives, and plenty more were injured.

3. Waterbury

Waterbury is full of sticky fingers. 2272 larceny victims were reported in the area in 2019. It's almost shocking to learn that a property crime occurs in this city once in every 33 times. You should not only be concerned because of those incredible odds. Waterbury is also plagued by violent crime. 

4. Hamden

If you are so comfortable leaving your doors unlocked, live somewhere else if you don't like feeling safe. Hamden is more like the kind of place that makes you want a guard dog, considering it ranks sixth highest for violent crime. Even if you don't live near the Farmington Canal State Park Trail, you can still enjoy walks together.

5. Manchester

Manchester in Hartford County moved up significantly on our list as well. In 2020, the city was ranked the 14th lowest in danger, up from the fifth place in 2021. Property crimes, which accounted for 1,376 of the crimes in 2010, contributed to the change. Additionally, property crime rates in Connecticut rank seventh on account of these factors.

6. Bridgeport

It would be wise for you to stay vigilant when you’re in Birdgeport. There is a rising disregard for the law in Hamden and Manchester as well. Connecticut's 11th most dangerous city has become the sixth most dangerous. The area experienced several heinous crimes in 2019. Rapes and murders comprised 71 of the offenses. Based on those figures, no one would blame you for second-guessing a move or a visit to this town.

7. New Britain

In New Britain, you could argue that life is getting better. From the town's previous ranking in 2020, it has moved several positions. In this community, however, the year was not all rainbows and sunshine. After all, there is quite a bit more crime in that region than in the country. 193 aggravated assaults dominated the 306 incidents recorded in violent crime.

8. Bloomfield

Bloomfield's population may be small, but the community still suffers from a lot of crime. Residents and visitors must secure their valuables as much as possible. In 2019, people in the area were victims of 431 arson attacks, 48 car thefts, and 21 burglaries. Bloomfield was not just selected for this list because of those reasons. There were 27 violent crimes committed here, but one was a murder. Visiting Penwood State Park at night might require you to stay alert.

9. New London

There is a noticeable decrease in criminal activity in New London. It managed to move down one spot on this ranking even though there were no murders in 2019. It is the city's ranking second highest in the state for rape that needs to be addressed. Taking the New London Waterfront District home from the historic city center probably doesn't feel safe. We have a higher crime rate than Connecticut, for example.

10. Meriden

Between Hartford and New Haven, you can find Meriden. 59,378 people live in this city. It is, therefore, not surprising that many members of this community are tolerant of thievery. Seventeen hundred and ninety-nine robberies occurred in 2019 by criminals. There is little hope of improvement shortly. As the city moved from the 12th to the tenth most dangerous in Connecticut in only three years, no good will come of it. During your time at the Meriden Green, we hope you can enjoy an event there.

If you think there are cities that we failed to include in the list, please let us know in the comments below!













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