3 Famous Movies and Films Set in Oklahoma

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Various Hollywood films have been filmed in Oklahoma - from heartbreaking dramas to entertaining comedies and high-impact thrillers. You'll have fun exploring these filming locations in the Sooner State, whether you're a true movie buff or like to catch the occasional flick.

Here are three of the must-watch movies and films set in Oklahoma:

Wildlife (2018)

Wildlife describes the angst and drama experienced by a teenage boy named Joe, who witnesses both his parents splitting up in his presence. The movie is set in 1950s Montana. A job loss occurs in Jerry's family. Despite being offered his job back, he refuses to take it back because "he won't work for that kind of person anymore." Consequently, he accepts a job fighting a forest fire, which his wife, Jeanette, is adamantly opposed to, both for safety reasons and because she is convinced he will be unfaithful while away from home.

Nevertheless, he leaves. But despite nothing happening to him or any indication of hanky-panky on his part, she behaves as one might expect her to act had he perished in the fire or if she had found out that he had been unfaithful while he was away. Joe becomes uneasy about his mother because of this fact. He does, however, see his father again. Jeanette, however, has taken up with someone else in her life, and they are no happier for it. Against this, Jerry retaliates furiously. Her move to Oregon and her father's continued home-life eventually caused the parents to separate. And then, she suddenly announces that she's taking the bus to visit over the weekend. Perhaps oddly, this movie combines both a satisfactory and unsatisfactory ending.

Filming location:

  • Enid, Oklahoma, USA

I Can Only Imagine (2018)

MercyMe's beloved and chart-topping song, 'It's Going to Rain,' gives ultimate hope to so many people because it tells the inspiring and unknown true story of how forgiveness can change lives forever.

I Can Only Imagine talks about a Texas 10-year-old boy who lives with his abusive father and mother, Bart Millard, who has a mental illness. He meets Shannon at a Christian camp after his mother drops him off there. Bart returns from camp to find that his mother has left and movers are removing her belongings. His father denies that his abuse was the reason she left, which angers him. Two years later, Shannon and Bart are dating in high school. A damaged Bart broke both of his ankles in a football game, all in the name of pleasing his father. Since he cannot take any other elective, he reluctantly enrolls in music class.

Filming locations:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
  • El Reno, Oklahoma, USA
  • Jones, Oklahoma, USA
  • Yukon, Oklahoma, USA
  • Del City, Oklahoma, USA
  • Bethany, Oklahoma, USA

Bringing Up Bobby (2011)

Bringing Up Bobby is about Olive (Milla Jovovich), a nomadic European con-artist. Her son Bobby (Spencer List), 10, is bound for Oklahoma to escape their murky pasts find a better future. Olive seeks to provide for Bobby the things she never had: she enrolls him in school, makes him do his homework, and strives to be a good mother, and with the help (Rory Cochrane), Olive does so in the best way she knows how. Following Bobby's unfortunate meeting with the wealthy local businessman Kent (Bill Pullman), things take a turn for the worse. Olive's criminal past catches up with her, forcing her to make a tough decision.

Filming locations:

  • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
  • Pops Diner - Arcadia, Oklahoma, USA

Bonus: Here are more movies and films set in Oklahoma:

  • Oklahoma! (1955)
  • Near Dark (1987)
  • The Doe Boy (2001)
  • Thelma & Louise (1991)
  • Far and Away (1992)

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