3 Famous Movies & Films Set in Colorado

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Colorado has attracted many filmmakers worldwide who desire to feature the excellent state in many movies on the big screen!

There are many reasons why you would want to live in Colorado right now. In the eastern part of the state are agricultural farming plains. There are urban metroplex centers in the central region, and in the western and southern parts, there are deserts and mountain ranges.

This is probably why Colorado's history dates back over 14,000 years. Folsom culture artifacts date back to approximately the 88th century BC.

August 1, 1876, marked the day the state joined the union. In 1850, it was a center of a gold rush, witnessed a war between Native Americans and settlers during the Civil War, and can continue to reap economic benefits from mining activities, including the oil and gas industry today.

The rich history of Colorado is one of the many reasons why many filmmakers want to set movies in the beautiful state! Here are three famous movies & films set in Colorado:

Hoax (2019)

To prove the existence of Bigfoot, a team of investigators, including a brilliant primatologist and a ruthless television producer, must come to terms with a camping trip gone wrong.

Many independent horror filmmakers often can't resist wearing their influences on their sleeves. In his directorial debut, Matt Allen succeeds with "Hoax."

This Sasquatch-centric film opens with a group of pretty women around a campfire wearing outfits and makeup more suited to a catalog photoshoot than roughing it in the woods. Alex recounts tales about Bigfoot while the hiking expedition leader makes out with another couple. A boo, echoing from behind the trees, comes from the resident prankster of the too-old troupe.

Filming locations:

  • Hinsdale County, Colorado, USA
  • Estes Park, Colorado, USA
  • Denver, Colorado, USA
  • Frazier Park, California, USA
  • Lake City, Colorado, USA

We Are Columbine (2018)

A nearly twenty-year-old school shooting at Columbine High School brings four survivors together to share their experiences and journeys towards healing. We Are Columbine is a documentary based on four freshmen students at Columbine High School that tells the deadliest school shooting in United States history. Director Laura Farber, a freshman during the shootings, sensitively captures the perspectives of her classmates within an unprecedented walk-through of the school, shedding light on the complexity of experiencing violence at a young age nearly 20 years after tragedy struck.

Filming locations:

  • Littleton, Colorado, USA
  • Colorado, USA

American Dream? (2005)

American Dream? is an edgy comedy that will leave you with a vision of a fictional subconscious mixed with real-life, seamlessly weaved into an original plotline. This is unlike anything you've ever seen. This cinematic journey will take you on a journey filled with trauma, humor, love, tranquility, and chaos through live-streamed hidden cameras, intuitive thoughts, nightmares, and unfortunate relationships.

Additionally, West and Art have to navigate a world of fiction and non-fiction and must do so with a fascinating companion woven into their fate, Nancy the Blowup Doll. There is a link between the lunatic, the disabled, and the latex beauty.!!

How can you describe the American Dream? The film will raise both debates and curiosity about faith, sexuality, childhood, and the overall state of mind when it comes to our modern world. Incorporating the distinct brilliance of Kubrick, Michael Douglas' disgruntled genius of 'Falling,' and the twisted humor of 'South Park,' this film is a unique, edgy comedic experience.

Filming location:

  • Colorado, USA

Bonus: Here are more must-watch movies set in Colorado:

  • The Last Stop (2000)
  • Gunpoint (1966)
  • The Outsider (I) (1994)
  • Race Walkers (2009)
  • The Legend of Alfred Packer (1980)

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