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Paterson, New Jersey, has a noteworthy distinction: it has the second-highest population density of any city in the United States with a population of over 100,000, behind only New York City. It is one of the beautiful places that are worth a visit in 2021. I was there myself couple of years ago and I'll enjoyed it a lot.

Paterson, situated on the Passaic River in New Jersey, was once one of the country's most powerful manufacturing towns. It has a long and illustrious history as the nation’s first planned industrial city and home to some of the country's oldest cloth mills and companies.

Paterson Attractions

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park, Lambert Castle, Paterson Museum, St Joseph’s RC Church, Lou Costello Memorial Park, Paul's Bar & Bowling, and Fabian 8 Cinema are among the city’s main attractions.

Lambert Castle

When a prosperous manufacturer and his wife came to Paterson during the heyday of the silk industry, they designed this castle. The castle was partly constructed because the same manufacturer grew up in poverty in England, passing by the castles of the rich regularly.

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park

Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park is a must-see for those visiting Paterson. Self-guided tours are available and make sure to take lots of pictures of the falls.

The Paterson Museum

The Paterson Museum started with a small collection of natural history specimens that began in a library and then relocated to a former mayor's carriage house. The museum is now housed in the revived Thomas Rogers Locomotive and Machine Shop, where the collection has expanded quite a bit.

Saddle River County Park

You could check out Saddle River County Park if you have had to fill the falls and want to go and see some places in Paterson. Nearly 600 acres of land exist, with many lakes, playfields, picnic areas, tennis courts, and even roller-coaster hockey.

Danforth Memorial Library

The Memorial Library of Danforth was constructed in 1905 and it is important for many purposes, now the main branch of the Paterson Frei Public Library, at 250 Broadway. First, the architect Henry Bacon designed the Lincoln Memorial as well.

Hinchcliffe Stadium

Established in 1932, this historical stadium offers a spectacular little place above the Great Falls. It is now a national historic site and is being rebuilt, giving Paterson another destination to taste forgotten Americana.

Dey Mansion

Dey Mansion, also known as Bloomsbury Manor, is just a short drive away from Paterson. This house is worth the effort because in the Revolutionary War it played a big part. It was designed in the 1770s and on more than one occasion was the headquarters of Washington.

Passaic County Court House

They would want to make sure to swing by the Passaic County Court House for those with an architectural passion. The annex and old buildings, designed by architects Samuel Burrage Reed and Fred Wesley Wentworth, have been built around the turn of the century.

Paterson Entertainment 

You should take one of the new films in one of their premiere theaters if you are looking for entertainment at Fabian8 Cinema.

Paterson Lodging

Popular lodging options in Paterson include Mantis Founders Lodge, Elephants Lodge Bellevue Forest Reserve, and Ikwanitsha Lodge If you are looking for lodging. 

Paterson Dining

If the dining alternative is searched go to Bonfire Mofongo House, where you serve Caribbean cuisine and fuse all sorts of other flavors from Africa to East India to China. Plantanas, cassava, cocoa, and fish are some of their most common menu items.

Paterson Shopping 

If you are looking to shop at Center City Mall, There are over 3,000 square feet of stores and entertainment, and you can have a lot of space in the 600-point garage if you drive a rental car.

Paterson’s city has a great deal to do with the American industrial revolution. Paterson would later become a destination for immigration from many countries that would make it not only historically important but also ethnically diverse. It's a beautiful city with plenty of events and during your stay in 2021, you won't disappoint. 

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