How the Indian Government can reduce Delhi's pollution in innovative ways?

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This article deals with the unfortunate pollution situation that Delhi and other parts of North India are facing.

This is an unfortunate annual event that keeps on occurring every November, whenever November hits, Delhi and surrounding parts are covered with smog, we see the governments running around, the Delhi government, the central government, people calling for a ban on vehicles, people calling on a ban of stubble burning, people calling about the ban on the Diwali crackers. But as soon as mid-December or the end of December comes in, we all forget about it.

For many years now, the central government has been saying that stubble burning is the key problem behind the smog. So on 15th Nov, the Supreme Court, when the official numbers were released, it was found out that the farm fires in Punjab, Haryana and U.P. only make up 10% of Delhi’s pollution problem, thus leading to the Supreme Court becoming extremely angry and asking the central government, Why are you blaming the poor farmers for everything when your own report says that the farm fires only make up 10% of the problem of Delhi pollution?

So to give you a solution to the Delhi pollution problem, I have taken out some important information from an extremely credible report about Delhi’s pollution. This report is released by two scientists of IIT Kanpur, and the report’s name is a comprehensive study on air pollution and greenhouse gases in Delhi. It’s a long report, but I will just tell you the most important parts of this report.

The first important part of the report is what exactly are the sources of pollution?

Because when we talk about ideas such as banning vehicles even a nod or installing smog towers or banning construction activities, it is important to understand, what exactly are the sources of pollution. The interesting part is this report tells us that most of the PM2.5 particles and the PM10 particles are actually because of road dust.

Now, just think to yourself, has any politician ever talked about controlling road dust?

No, they talk about controlling the burning of coal, they talk about controlling vehicle activity, they talk about controlling farm fires or crackers. But they never talk about controlling what is the biggest component of pollution that is road dust.

Now, the Delhi government, a few years back, said that in order to control pollution, we will be buying some sweeping trucks. If you live in Delhi or if you have been to Delhi, you might have seen there are huge trucks. They go on the road very slowly and at the bottom of the truck (i.e) between the wheels of the truck, there is some vacuum cleaner kind of things, so they go on the road and they try to suck in all the dust particles from the road to control this particular part of the pollution.

Now, what did the Supreme Court say?

The Supreme Court said that despite all the promises, the Delhi government only has 69 mechanised road sweepers to cover the streets of the entire capital, just 69 when you clearly know that dust from the road is the biggest component of this pollution.

This report of IT Kanpur also talked about the road map using which we can control the pollution problem in India.

This report also tells you that by what measure can the AQI be reduced by what number? For example, the report says that if we stopped the use of coal in hotels and restaurants in Delhi, it will bring down AQI by 80.56 Points. It says that if all the domestic cooking is done by LPG, it will bring down AQI by 50 points. Then MSW, MSW means Municipal Solid Waste, so the waste that has collected from the household by the municipality, a lot of that is also burned. If we stop this burning of this waste, it can reduce AQI by 100 points. It talks about other measures, also about vehicles, about the control of road dust.

The report says that if vacuum sweeping of major roads is done only 4 times in a month, not every day, not once in two days, only four times in a month, and mechanical sweeping of water wash, carpeting of the shoulders, all of that can reduce AQI by 70 points.

The report also talks about banning biomass burning, making sure that power plants within the 300 km range of Delhi are not emitting sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

The report says that when construction activities are going on and when there is a lot of sand and concrete and cement that is lying in large numbers if we just cover it up, nothing very scientific, nothing that requires a lot of expense, if we just cover it up with a sheet, even that will play a major role in controlling pollution, spraying water, ensuring there are windbreakers so that the particles don’t fly far away, all of that can reduce air pollution.

So if you can see all of these measures suggested can be easily achieved only and only if the government has the will to do that.

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