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Yes! Dine LA Restaurant Week has Started.


Hi Friends, Dine LA Restaurant Week in Los Angeles has started this April, so I thought I’d make this article for those who either don’t know about it or don’t understand how it works.

What is Dine LA?

Dine LA is a 15-day event in Los Angeles in which some of the best restaurants in the city put together special menus and knock their prices down at least 20%. If you’ve wanted to eat at an award-winning restaurant, but you’ve been really intimidated by the sticker price, now is your chance. This event happens two times a year, once in the winter, generally around January (but now in April) and once in the summer around July.

What’s the catch of this Dine LA?

The only catch that I can think of is that it’s often a prix fixe menu, so you’ll get a choice of a few options and it’s not going to have all of the courses that they have at the restaurant if you were to dine there normally at full price. However, Dine LA is all about trying new flavour combinations, getting out of your comfort zone and mixing things up. So if you go in with an open mind, you’re bound to have a great time.

How do I book?

Here is the link, but you can visit Discover Los Angeles and you’ll see a list of all the restaurants participating and if they’re accepting reservations, which most of them are, you’ll see a little book button and then you can make your reservation.

Do I tip my server?

Yes, you tip. In fact, if you want to be a good guy, you may even want to tip a little bit more because the servers are slammed and breaking their backs to bring you food that you may not have normally had access to.

Now, what about wine?

Most of these places offer wine pairings, but it’s not included in the prices that you see on Dine LA. So it’ll be an additional price like Live Your Life, do the wine pairing.

Are there any restaurants that I should avoid?

A good rule of thumb is to avoid restaurants that offer something on the Dine LA menu they don’t normally offer on their menu. This is a sign that they might be trying to get people in the door using lower quality, cheaper ingredients. The idea is that restaurants offer a dish that they’re famous for but at a lower price.

You know, I’m not saying you can’t do a bomb elevated mac and cheese, but just use your best judgment. You’re not going to want to pay $45 for a plate of mac and cheese and I love mac and cheese like four different kinds of cheeses with shells, throw it in the oven, and get all crispy on top. I love it!

Is Dine LA is a good choice to go?

Of course, this is a very small percentage of businesses that participate in Dine LA. So don’t worry too much, but just be cautious. Also, avoid chain restaurants because the real stars are going to shine out of those small one-off unique restaurants. 

Now, I think you’re ready for Dine LA. Go and have some tasty fun there.

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