Heart Attack Symptoms: These 6 Warnings Can be Found a Month Before The Heart Attack

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By keeping an eye on these symptoms, you can reduce your risk of life
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A heart attack is a condition when there is a sudden blockage in an artery and the flow of blood to the heart muscle is cut off. A heart attack occurs when a blood clot forms that completely blocks blood flow.

This is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. This can cause the patient to faint or even die. Common symptoms are chest discomfort, tightness, shortness of breath, sweating, etc.

A heart attack comes suddenly and slowly. We are telling you what symptoms you may feel a month or a few days before a heart attack.

1) Fatigue Unusual fatigue is a main symptom of a heart attack. Women are more likely to have these symptoms than men. Physical or mental activity is not the cause of fatigue. This symptom is obvious enough to be overlooked. Sometimes even simple tasks like fixing the bed or taking a bath can lead to fatigue.

2) Abdominal pain Abdominal pain, nausea, feeling bloated and upset stomach are the most common symptoms. This is equally likely to happen among women and men. Abdominal pain can occur before a heart attack. Sometimes there is intermittent pain in the abdomen. Abdominal pain can occur due to physical stress.

3) Insomnia Insomnia has also been linked to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke, which are more common among women. Anxiety and/or stress are major reasons behind insomnia. Symptoms include difficulty initiating sleep, difficulty maintaining sleep, and early morning awakenings.

4) Shortness of breath Shortness of breath is a major symptom of heart attack. Heart attacks occur frequently in both men and women up to 6 months before they occur. This is usually a warning sign of a medical condition. Feeling like you are not getting enough air, feeling dizzy and short of breath.

5) Hair fall Hair loss is considered to be a major risk of heart disease. It usually affects men over 50, but some women may also be involved. Baldness is also linked to increased levels of the hormone cortisol.

6) Chest pain Men and women experience chest pain in different intensities and forms. In men, this symptom is the most important early sign of a heart attack that should not be ignored. On the other hand, it affects only 30 per cent of women.

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