The Most Effective Weight Loss Method I See Almost No One Using


The fitness industry, especially the fat loss industry, is a cesspool of pseudoscience and misinformation. While the only way to lose weight, which is a caloric deficit is kept in obscurity — Useless and dangerous fat loss pills, gimmicky workout plans, and fancy diets are shoved down our throats.

Even coming to the caloric deficit, things like hours of exercise and restrictive diets are advocated. These help for sure — but there’s one highly effective method that is barely talked about.

Different Ways to Ramp up Your NEAT

Ever since I’ve discovered NEAT, I’ve been on a constant quest to find sneaky and easy ways to increase it. Here are the effective ones I’ve found:

  • Use a Shopping Basket Instead of A Trolly. I’ve been doing this for so long that it feels natural now. You have to carry the basket which, unlike the smooth trolly is work. Unless you’re buying a ton load of things, go for the basket.
  • Walk While Talking on The Phone. I love conversing and it's not uncommon for my phone conversations to stretch to 3 and even 4 hours. By walking instead of lying on the couch, my NEAT’s shot to the moon. Irrespective of how long you converse, walkany walking is better than no walking.
  • Ditch the Car for Short Trips. The first few weeks after I learned how to drive, I took my car everywhere — even to the milk shop a stone’s throw away. Now, unless I really need to take my car, I walk.
  • When You’re Working, Keep Your Phone on The Opposite Side of The Room. Not only will this make you walk every time you have to check your phone, but it will also dissuade you from unnecessarily checking it.
  • Swap Your Moped for A Cycle. Both are two-wheelers but there’s one major difference — while one uses petrol for fuel, the other uses you for fuel. My cycle’s rusted from a long period of unuse but I’m getting it up and running soon.
  • Take Post-Meal Strolls. Not only do they help you get in some walking but are also great for digestion. There are few things better than a post-dinner terrace stroll enjoying the starlit sky.
  • Park Your Car Some Distance Away. I’ve been doing this unwittingly thanks to my city’s traffic and lack of parking spaces. But I think it’s a smart way to get some more walking in.
  • Track Your Steps. You don’t need a fitness band to do this. You can do it using a pedometer app on your smartphone. Set step goals and achieve them. This will actually feel like a game.

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