How To Use The Law Of Attraction With Goals

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Many people believe that the Law of Attraction, as taught in "The Secret," and goal-setting are mutually exclusive. The idea of letting the universe figure out how to get you where you want to go appears to be at odds with developing a targeted strategy. These two approaches, on the other hand, are complementary. Please allow me to explain.

The vast majority of people believe that being overly specific when setting goals is a bad idea. After seeing films like The Secret, which are both fantastic and instructive, some people believe that being particular is the wrong way to be. Many of the teachers in this film advise you to let the Universe decide how you will achieve your goals. So, if we take this approach, how does setting a goal and developing a plan to achieve it fit into the attraction process?

Anyone who has achieved a goal using traditional goal-setting methods understands the value of including detailed information. They recognize that being as descriptive as possible increases your chances of success. These specifics should include the completion date, a plan to follow that will lead to the goal's achievement, stepping stone goals, and very specific elements of the goal itself. Set a goal of increasing turnover by $10,000 by the end of the quarter, for example.

You immediately develop a sales strategy and begin to build your goal steps by setting smaller goals that lead to larger goals that lead to the achievement of your desired end result. So, how does this fit into the "The Universe Knows Best Approach" advocated by the majority of the law of attraction experts?

It is, in fact, quite simple. When these teachers say they don't get bogged down in the details, they're not referring to the goal itself. They're referring to the method by which the goal is delivered. The Law of Attraction is always responding to your frequency. Your vibration is affected by what you think and how you feel.

The Law of Attraction will respond to your thoughts and feelings if you become more specific about your goal and even set time limits for specific chores. By staying focused on the details of your desired goal, feeling very good emotions about it, and achieving it, you can give the Law of Attraction a lot more power. This type of goal-setting can be quite effective as long as you don't feel pessimistic about your goal or the method you've devised.

The Law of Attraction, on the other hand, will work against you if you set your goals too high or make them impossible to achieve. You're stressed, unsure, and overwhelmed. As a result, the law will react, and your attraction vibration will be diametrically opposed to what you desire. If you overextend yourself, you will have negative thoughts and feelings about your goal. However, you can fully utilize the Law of Attraction by setting realistic but challenging goals.

You always get more of what you focus on, according to the Law of Attraction. Focusing your attention on specific things causes them to grow and expand. So, by setting goals and devising a plan to achieve them, you are directing your energy, thoughts, and emotions toward the desired result.

Setting time limits for each step of your goal, as well as the goal itself, helps to focus your thoughts, energy, and feelings in the right direction. As a result, you're following one of the fundamental principles of the Law of Attraction: what we focus on expands. Don't get too hung up on a single distribution channel, though. Allow the universe to guide you to your destination in whatever way it sees fit! You can be specific about your plans while still remaining open to new possibilities.

The key is to keep your focus on the goal itself, rather than on its absence! You must also avoid becoming discouraged if it appears that you will not be able to complete your task within the time frame you have set. These are disadvantages of goal-setting in terms of the Law of Attraction. They are, however, surmountable.

Set small, manageable goals to begin with. Once you've mastered goal-setting, you can start pushing yourself a little bit harder each time. As you begin to see overwhelming evidence that the Law of Attraction exists and works in your favor, you will be able to set bigger and bigger goals for yourself until there is nothing you cannot achieve.

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