Mind Power Through Mindfulness



Basic mindfulness exercises help you achieve a level of awareness in which you can let go of distractions and use your mind's power more efficiently. They assist you in thinking more clearly and concentrating more effectively. They're also simple to carry out.

In a few minutes, you'll have more mental power.

Sitting down, relaxing, and breathing deeply through your nose are the first steps in a basic mindfulness exercise. Close your eyes and focus on your inhale and exhale. After a minute, turn your attention to your body, one section at a moment, noting any chilly, hot, tight, aching, or other sensations that come to mind. Start listening to sounds in the room without thinking about them in a few minutes. Just pay attention.

Open your eyes and glance about as though you're seeing things for the first time when it feels correct. Focus your gaze on an object for half a minute, inspecting it without thinking about it. Then move on to another object, and another, all the while keeping your body, breathing, and any sounds in mind. Stay in this conscious mindset until you're ready to stand up.

A Mindfulness Technique That's Even Easier

Try this one today: When you're stressed, take a moment to stop and observe yourself to see what's upsetting you. Maybe you're expecting something horrible to happen, or you're having a debate in your head, or you're anxious about something, or you're in pain in some way. Make a list of everything you come across.

Then address these mental irritants. Make a phone call you've been thinking about, take an aspirin, and apologize to the person you were fighting with. To get things off your mind, write them down on your to-do list for tomorrow. Tell yourself that there's nothing you can do right now.

You are more fully "in the now" when you are aware of your body, breath, and immediate surroundings. There are fewer mental distractions that inhibit clear thought, and your mind is in a particularly receptive state. Preparing for essential mental activities with a mindfulness practice will provide you with more mental power, notably better attention and concentration.

You'll feel less anxious and better able to focus on the tasks at hand if you do this exercise. Today you'll have increased mental strength.

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