Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas


You've undoubtedly all heard Elvis Presley's song Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas? (words & music by Red West). The Christmas season is a unique time for many of us to share the warmth of love and laughter with those we care about.

Unfortunately, many people find Christmas to be a very lonely time of year. They have no relatives left, and their friends are limited and busy with their own lives and families. There are a variety of situations that people face that make Christmas not the joyous occasion that it is for the rest of us.

Have you ever wondered what it is about Christmas that makes it so special? Is it because of the gifts? Is it a party? Is it the stress of attempting to select the right gift for the one you care about?

To be really honest, there have been years when I had a lot of money (not that I was rolling in it), and there have also been years when we were not so lucky. Those were the difficult years when I couldn't afford to go out and buy unique gifts for my children.

I recall how upset I was when I learned that their friends were getting the newest toys while I was fortunate enough to receive some gifts from the charity for the needy. The reason I'm telling you this is so you can see where I'm coming from.

I don't want to go back to those difficult years, but I did learn a valuable lesson. Christmas isn't included in any of the packages.


Love isn't something that needs to be expressed on a specific day. Giving love to others is not dependent on your bank account, and it does not require weeks of preparation. Love is a simple gift that is also simple to give. A simple smile or a pleasant welcome to a stranger are small acts of love that can be given on a regular basis. The funny thing about freely giving love is that it doesn't depreciate over time as money does. Love, on the other hand, replenishes and increases as you give it to others. Love is such a lovely thing!

Let us remember to carry the Christmas spirit with us all year so that we can make every day feel like Christmas for people around us, rich and poor, well and sick.

Little gestures of love performed on a regular basis can transform your life and the lives of people around you.

Yes, if we preserve the spirit of love and giving of ourselves to others, every day can feel like Christmas.

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