Edgar Everyone Releases Third Single, "Suddenly You Move"

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Edgar Everyone's New Single Will Connect Edgar To EveryoneSika Senro

Edgar Everyone, aka Jules de Gasperis, has made music his whole life. The artist, who built up bands like Low Hum and Kunzite, is hitting the stride of getting the most personal in his solo music. Edgar Everyone launched not too long ago, and this Friday 10/14, he celebrates the release of his third single, “Suddenly You Move.” The indie rocker is releasing the single in the midst of a tour with another band as he ramps up to release his first EP. He is expecting it to be out in 2023, but the timeline is not set and he might welcome it as early as late 2022.

“Suddenly You Move” will show Jules’ unique style of rocking out. It is a more synthesized and electrified mellow indie pop than his typical pure rock approach. The single is reminiscent of 2010, when Discovery, The XX, and Animal Collective had captured the collective heart of the indie fan. Imagine encapsulating all of that in a neat, Tame Impala-inspired package.

Edgar Everyone, The Mountains, And Music

Edgar Everyone wrote “Suddenly You Move” in unique and intense conditions: “I wrote this song originally in the mountains (Crestline, California), where I was doing a winter retreat last year to get out of the city and reconnect with nature. It all started as an ode to solitude since living there for a few months was quite challenging.”

Jules and Edgar Everyone met face to face in those mountains. Jules and the whole world collided, and it only could have happened miles and miles away from that very world. Jules is proud of his strides in Crestline, noting that, “It allowed me to face my own loneliness, the deepest parts of myself, and also my own shadows.” It took a long time, but eventually, he got to the place where he could write a zen line and mean it. That zen is perfectly captured in the line, “The desert’s becoming a friendly place / My dreams are mine and everyone’s.”

Music And Lyrics in Isolation

The fury of emotion in isolation was one part, but the sound was another: “I wanted to design a track that would have two very distinct parts, and I think sonically it ended up manifesting as I wanted: the verse is a very wordy, clouded, relentless journey into what one can feel when they’re overthinking, trapped in their mental maze.” Jules used his time to figure out a very unique sound for a very unique track. It’s a departure from earlier releases “Shasta Lounge” and “The Field”, but it maintains their overarching danceable and reflective themes.

Jules leaves us with one thought, that the time alone and any time spent creating brought him to create something that is entirely universal. He reflects more on the sound and the lyrics: “And all of sudden there is this chorus that kicks in (“Suddenly you move / Pent up emotions will have to find the space in between your eyes”).” The emotionality and relatability, along with that chorus, “gives a sense of relief – jumpstarting into a new feeling that everything is going to flow the way it should, and that you can take any path you truly desire once you are in alignment with yourself.”

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