Happrixx Gains a Foothold In The U.S. And Beyond

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Happrixx, currently better-known as Baddy Beats, recently launched his new project with the single “Arpeggiator.” The producer is now finding a foothold in the United States. Based in Berlin, Happrixx has achieved over 100,000 streams as Baddy Beats across Europe. But he is now working with American music agencies to get heard stateside. So far he has been covered multiple times in the US and has found his way onto US-based playlists. His Happrixx project is becoming internationally known, but next, he plans to take over Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco while maintaining his European fans.

Happrixx's album art fo his first single targeting the U.S.Happrixx

The track retains some of his original style from the highly successful Baddy Beats project but repositions him as a festival mainstay of the near-future. Happrixx, aka Berlin-based Sven Wenke, makes progressive, trance-reminiscent electronic that could fall into several classic electronic genres. Either way, it’s got the “mainstage” sound down while also sparking the appeal of an opening act on a side stage that the people there would never forget.

Happrixx’s story goes back to his youth, but things really changed for him with a 2009 cancer diagnosis. Happrixx admits the illness, “pretty much took my life away. Luckily I got through everything well, it just took a while before [I was] physically resilient again and could concentrate on complex things.” And dominoes began to fall: “Unfortunately, after the illness, my girlfriend also gave up. That really got me down again.” But Happrixx kept as positive as possible through that time and found his post-happily-ever-after hope in his current girlfriend. As for how he recovered so well, Happrixx credits holding on, staying strong, and tapping into his patience. Now, he wants to get out and experience the whole world, including the American scene.

Before Happrix, Baddy Beats had accumulated nearly 200,000 streams on Spotify alone, and within just about a year. Happrixx reminisces on his humble beginnings, “My older brother bought a turntable, a mixer and a couple of records. Electronic music has fascinated me ever since. Later I bought my own two turntables, mixer and records and djed at home.” That’s when cancer came into the picture, and his journey of building up his talent came to a halt, and it felt like things would stall forever. He notes that after he was mostly recovered, Happrixx took years to perfect his sound before showing up in the scene in Berlin. His new project will be more global and take advantage of current trends in U.S. electronic music. His melodically house-driven progressive beats will set him up for success on the west coast and beyond.

Happrixx is a jack-of-all trades. While some (most) people find it incredibly difficult to manage every aspect of their music and promotion, Happrixx shares that he, “[takes] care of everything myself - the song, the cover, canvas, etc.” Happrixx is a consummate musician who loves the theory, practice, and all creative aspects of production. He muses, “My songs always come from a passion for music and jamming, plus a little spark, a beat, a bassline or any other impulse that I use to make a song out of it. I'm currently producing a song as Happrixx, for which I've had a lead sound for a long time that I want to pack into a song.”

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