GRRRL Music Launches Revamped "Bops and Bangers" Podcast With A Spirit Of Collaboration

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Bops and Bangers Podcast re-launches with season three September 19.Kelsey Andrews

The women of Grrrl Music, a small but well-loved media empire, are releasing season three of their podcast on Monday, September 19. “Bops and Bangers” has seen a huge revamp and will now have more of a consistent and set format and include interviews with the independent musicians in their orbit. “Bops and Bangers” is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and all other major podcast platforms. Their first “GRRRlfriends” episode is out now, an interview with musician Michael Martinez. GRRRlfriends will be their digital space for artist interviews and will alternate with other episodes.

Tapping Into GRRRL Power Young

Grrrl re-launched in 2020, but its roots go much deeper. Kelsey Andrews, one half of the duo, says she and her partner, Ashley Derrigo, met in Kindergarten. The rest? It’s Grrrl history: “Ashley and I have been best friends since Kindergarten but we only went to school together from K-8, so most of our lives have been separate: different cities, careers, and what not but we've always been able to connect about music.”

But in the present, Ashley and Kelsey have reached a new level. From the world of their Spotify playlists to the blog they left in 2021, to achieving the third season of their podcast, Ashley and Kelsey are natural innovators. They even recently launched a full-scale PR and music marketing consultancy together. As always, they’re bringing their people up with them, collaborating with friends on consulting packages.


The podcast is their latest and greatest change. Kelsey recalls, “We absolutely loved doing the format we have, it's pretty off-the-cuff, natural reactions from Ashley and I, but we were seriously disorganized!” They got organized quick once motivated, and add, “This year, we really wanted to up our game, and a lot of our community has been asking for artist interviews, so we're adding in bonus episodes under the GRRRLfriends title every other week to do just that. But they'll be super fun, we're going to ask silly questions, talk about their music listening habits, who they love, etc!” GRRRL has innovated their standard episodes too: “For the podcast itself, you'll still be getting Ash and Kels being goofs, but we also have some more interactive qualities about it -- we'll be polling our community for recommendations, playlist ideas, bringing it to a more community-based podcast. We're so excited!”

Their consulting arm is full-scale, but it’s important to them to pare it down just a bit to make it accessible. “We wouldn't be here without the work of artists. We need collaboration; to be alone in this industry is tiring and can easily drag you down.” Kelsey’s own experiences and lows have informed GRRRL’s collaborative tack, and are the backbone of this new launch. Kesley opens up, “As someone with some trauma from being involved in musical theatre for a large portion of my life where every moment is a competition, I realized that I'd rather work to be a supportive force to reckon with. It's easy to be competitive, it's hard to be collaborative -- so we do it to protect artists from a toxic industry and I think people highly respond to that.”

Kelsey and Ashley want to thrive as the experts they are in the music industry, and that’s due in large part to their desire to be in the center of the industry, where everything’s happening, and their desire to make things better for indie musicians: “We saw a lack of support in the community around PR and social media (specifically for artists) so we wanted to build ‘on-demand’ management. We understand it's not feasible for a lot of starving artists to be able to pay huge PR companies to promote their music. We wanted to make it affordable and time-conscious.” You can get hourly media outreach, write-ups and press releases, even a wellness package that will reset you like a Buddha. But what’s important to Ashley and Kesley is how everything comes together – and how that confluence allows them to raise all boats with their tide: “It's a celebration of art, there's no need for competition like that, and certainly no place at GRRRL Music for that nonsense!”

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