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AJ Quiero's EP Sees New Innovations And Heights For His Music

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AJ Quiero's "cryinginvariousplaces", a three-track EP following up an impressive period of creation and output during the pandemic, is out now, as of Wednesday, August 24. Quiero has been a prolific producer and artistic collaborator for a long time, never slowing down before, during, or after the pandemic. Whatever's going wrong or right in the world. Quiero creates to make sense of it. The artist has experimented by incorporating other genres, most notably hip hop, into his productions.

The introspective EP sees him incorporating darker undertones, from desperate vocals to pared-down, melancholic takes on house beats. Whatever music Quier makes, the elements of late-2010's "chillwave" are all over it. This genre-adherent theme underpins his innovations and experiments, giving him a cohesive sound across several albums, EPs, sounds, and years.

Quiero grew up with music as part of his childhood and family life: "My upbringing in Louisiana brought music into my soul very young. I wanted to write music after I learned guitar. I fell in love with making/producing whole songs after an internship at a local recording studio as an engineer apprentice."

"cryinginvariousplaces" Will Take Quiero Where He Wants To Go

Quiero is gearing up for major success. His latest EP, "cryinginvariousplaces" will be out to stream and purchase on August 24. Quiero has hit a major achievement as an artist already: he loves what he created, "This is the sound I have always dreamt of having in my creation process. It makes me so proud and it feels like I can breathe again. When I listen and practice it, it feels like a new lease on life." And anyone who's ever created anything knows that getting it right, and letting it feel right, are what music. and creation is all about.

Quiero is keeping up a complete music empire: "I'm also working on building an audio/visual channel on YouTube to promote recent releases. This will take time and will incorporate many different locations." He is also looking for a label, but certainly not resting and waiting in the meantime. He's got the new EP, the YouTube channel, and expects to get his music placed in film and TV soon.

The producer admits he also experienced another artist milestone: letting go and allowing yourself to grow. He looks over his new music and muses, "Developing a new sound and leaving my old music behind was kind of hard. I think the hardest part of my recent life has been living without music because life can get real. Drama and stuff; it happens, it's life. I deal with a lot of really hard things sometimes too, even as an independent artist."

Quiero Opens Up About The EP's Darker Inspirations

Quiero opened up for the release of cryinginvariousplaces, admitting that sometimes he feels like the little guy suffering at the hand of the man, ruminating that, “It is supposed to be so fun and carefree. I get picked on a lot though in my daily life; I don't make nearly enough money to stay away from people like I so desperately want to.”

The paradox of Quiero’s region in Ohio leaves him feeling unsafe and he is aware, like so many of us in similar situations, that, “I have no privacy. Right now, I'm worried about identity theft and cat thieves and stalkers on the internet, for example.” Quiero has legitimate reasons to worry about these things following disturbing, uncomfortable experiences in his life and larger community that drove home the point for him that no one is really ever truly safe anywhere.

He holds nothing back when he admits that his surrounding world has left him shaken: “People are crazy, and it's not like I have the lifestyle [I want yet] where I can withdraw from people.” But Quiero sees himself as no better than his surrounding world and has a lot of love for people, talent, and his community. Quiero has a different outlook on the world. Mental health as well as the abrupt shift in mentality from going back and forth between being out in his chaotic but creative community, and from being out in the whole chaotic world, to isolating himself at times and withdrawing into his own, safe world: “Things are crazy every day for me and there's not much I can do besides what I know is best for me and the people around me that I love and care about. Sometimes I just want to be myself and make every day new, but people hold onto the past.”

Quiero stops and makes one of his abrupt shifts, this time back to the positive: “I love being around people and making music for people, and the hardest part is; balance. I can only really try my hardest to make the best of all of it. The music and the journey, writing songs, and having fun playing them.”

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