New Years Resolutions Going Out The Window

New Years Resolutions Going Out The Window. Maybe its to go on a walk everyday or you set a goal to loose weight or maybe you want to expand your business well research from the company strava shows that today Jan 19 is aka Quitters day. Strava calculated this by assessing althetes data for months with its users uploading over 800 million activities on its platform over the years and realizing that around this time people almost plumitt off there work out goals in large numbers. Other studies show that only 5% of people complete there resolutions and that goals need to be specific, requiring more of a detailed plan. Today being the 19th I hope to encourage you not to give up! the average time for a new habit to stick with us is 66 days so patience is needed and that 66 days is just a few more days away basicually an arms reach! so god luck out there and remember that anything is possible.

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